iPhone X2 Comes with Apple Pencil and New Features

According to some sources, the iPhone X2 and the other models to be released this year may finally offer Apple Pencil support.

The pencil would facilitate navigation between the home screens of the upcoming models, with iPhone 9 also rumored to be compatible with the device. Many users would enjoy the stylus and it seems that Apple plans to give them what they ask for. It may also be a plan to boost sells after the 2017 line-up seems to have failed the sale targets.

As of now, the pencil only works on higher tier iPad models, where it is mostly used by artists and writers as a convenient tool for editing and writing.  It is sensible to pressure and tilt, allowing artists to create impressive details while they are working in specialized apps.

While it was well received on launch it is not without flaws (is anything in the world perfect?). Many users have reported that it will stop working properly if you accidentally drop it on the floor.  Others complain that since you cannot replace the tip, as spare tips are not sold by Apple or Apple partners, once you use long enough or damage it in some way, you can only buy another pencil.

And this may be the biggest cath. The Apple Pencil is marketed as a premium accessory and the chances that it will be bundled with future iPhones are slim to none. And with a price that in many countries is bigger than $100, the chances that it will become popular enough are a bit low.

It remains to be seen if the integration will become real as this is not the first time such a rumor surfaces on the web. It may be a contender for the Note 9 and its S-Pen but it remains to b seen if it can make a dent.

Apple will reveal the next iPhones on September 12.

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