Brawl Stars Reached 5 Million Pre-Registrations In Only 24 Hours

Yesterday, we talked about Brawl Stars, the new brainchild of the guys from Supercell, the devs of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, two of the most popular mobile games of all times, at the moment. Now, Supercell announced that Brawl Stars is already a success even though it’s not yet launched. According to the news, Brawl Stars reached 5 million pre-registrations in only 24 hours.

Brawl Stars Reached 5 Million Pre-Registrations In Only 24 Hours

We already know that Supercell is making some viral games, as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale gathered millions of players from around the world. Now, it’s the turn of Brawl Stars, an upcoming Supercell mobile game, to be under the spotlights. In the early hours of this Wednesday, November 14th, Supercell announced the global launch of Brawl Stars pre-registrations, and in just 24 hours have calculated that Brawl Stars reached more than five millions users that have pre-registered, around the world.

Also, it only took two million pre-registrations for Supercell to unlock the Star Shelly skin for every gamer who pre-registered. Accordingly, everyone who signed up for the game would receive the star Shelly skin as a gift.

“FIVE MILLION Pre-registrations in a day! Shelly Skin is UNLOCKED! Go Pre-register now to make sure you get it,” said Supercell on Brawl Stars Twitter Account.

Brawl Stars Release Date

Supercell opened the pre-registration program this Wednesday. However, the game won’t roll out until December, so there’s enough time for you to pre-register and take advantage of the gifts Supercell planned for you.

While initially the game was rumored to be an exclusive title across Canada, Supercell, as expected, debunked that information, and is about to launch the game globally. And, in the end, we should expect another tremendous fast-paced action mobile game from these guys, given that both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale have been successful titles since they came out on the market.

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