Coronavirus Cases: 83% Of The 6,010 ICU Beds In The State Of Florida Are Occupied

coronavirus cases

Florida’s health officials shared information on Tuesday, which shows that 54 hospital ICUs across the state have hit capacity with coronavirus cases.

As of July 7th, 83 per cent of the 6,010 ICU beds in the state of Florida are occupied.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is telling people it is safe to go to the hospital if they are sick, but before long, there might be no ICU beds left. (coronavirus cases)

  • We reported to a troubling trend happening at Texas as hundreds of children and staff members in daycare centres throughout the nation had tested positive.

This was the latest signal that the spread of the virus has gotten out of control in Texas. But Florida appears to be trying to Texas with news that is even more terrifying. Based on Reuters, over 50 hospitals in Florida are reporting that their intensive care units (ICUs) have struck capability as of Tuesday, June 7th as the infection rate continues to spike.

The Agency for Health Care Administration of Florida published information on Tuesday which demonstrates that 54 hospital ICUs are full in 25 of the 67 counties of Florida. Thirty hospitals reported that their ICUs were 90% full. In all, only 17% of those 6,010 adult ICU beds in the state of Florida are empty, down from 20% over the weekend. (coronavirus cases)

  • “Hospitals are secure, and Floridians in need of treatment shouldn’t avoid seeking care,” Governor Ron DeSantis stated on Twitter this Monday.

Based on Governor DeSantis, excess mortality that wasn’t associated with COVID-19 was about the rise in recent weeks because”people were scared of going to the hospital and did not seek treatment for other life-threatening ailments.” He’s currently urging all to go to the hospital if they feel it’s essential. That is good advice, but they might not have an ICU bed for you when you arrive even if hospitals are secure. (coronavirus cases)

  • DeSantis also noted that the average age of infected people has dropped in the early days of the outbreak, which may explain why the state’s fatality rate has stayed so low.

On July 4th, Florida reported that a record 11,458 instances, but only 18 deaths. Meanwhile, when New York reached its peak of over 12,000 cases in April, over 800 deaths were reported daily. Younger patients are more likely to live, based on but the amount of COVID-19 deaths per day in Florida has been steadily ticking up for months.

Additional because testing has ramped up a lot over the past three months, cases have been detected earlier than they were in March or even April. It can take up to fourteen days to begin exhibiting symptoms, and even longer before a trip to the hospital may look to be a step. (coronavirus cases)

As a result, the death rate will lag behind the infection rate, but Florida could soon find itself in the same position New York fought to operate its way from in April when ICUs continue to fill up. Because of this, some local officials have already begun to roll back their contingency strategies, including Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Giménez, who shut restaurants on Monday.

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