Madden 21 Closed Beta: Gameplay, Timeline, Invites, Rules & more

Madden 21’s closed beta period has ended.

Let’s go over what the beta included, how invites went out, and how any potential future releases might.


Madden 21 included Play Now and Online Head-to-Head gameplay with four teams to choose from: The Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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CHANGE OF SCENERY: Tom Brady made a massive career move leaving the Patriots to join the Buccaneers

That gave players access to some of the most exciting players this year, like Tom Brady leading the Buccaneers, Lamar Jackson, and Super Bowl Champion Patrick Mahomes.

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The Madden 21 closed beta ran from 8:30 PM ET Thursday, 2 July, to 11:59PM ET Sunday, 5 July.

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Invites were sent out according to time played in MUT and Franchise Mode, and some were also sent out via social media, and through giveaways.

We don’t yet have an exact number on the beta, but based on feedback it was massive.

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THE STAGE IS SET: Madden 21 is just around the corner

You can access Madden 21 early with pre-orders that are available now!

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