Sketchy Android Apps: 25 Malicious Apps Discovered By a French Cybersecurity Firm

Sketchy Android apps

Sketchy Android apps that spy on users and steal information have been a nagging presence within Google’s Play Store for a little while now, regardless of the search giant’s best attempts to rid its app market of poor actors.

It has led to a giant game of whack-a-mole, with the latest programs to be clobbered by Google and hauled away from the program shop being a batch of 25 malicious apps found by a French cybersecurity firm.

The apps could have stolen users’ Facebook credentials, and they racked up over two million downloads: Sketchy Android apps

Consider your umpteenth reminder for as much as Google keeps advancing or promising it has improved the company’s proprietary app marketplace; sketchy app developers won’t ever stop coming and never stop trying to sneak in the Google Play Store — beyond all the company’s defences — to put its apps into the mixture and awaiting your download.

That we saw another illustration of in recent days, with the revelation that Google has booted another batch of Android programs from the shop, now 25 apps caught in a position to steal users’ Facebook log in data.

A cybersecurity firm that was French, Evina, disclosed this news in recent weeks, with its report a single threat group developed apps that were made to seem like everything to mobile games’ batch. As Evina explains in its report of the fraud, But, all the programs had the same goal. (Sketchy Android apps)

“When an application is found on your telephone, the malware questions the program name,” the company explains. “If it is a Facebook program, the malware will launch a browser which lots Facebook in the same moment. The browser is displayed in the foreground that makes you think that the program launched it. After you enter your credentials, the malware executes javascript to retrieve them.

The malware then sends your account data to a server: Sketchy Android apps

One thing to notice is that when Google pulled the programs from the Play Store after Evina shared its findings, the search giant simplifies the applications on the user’s end — in addition to telling the user through the Play Protect service of the Play Store. (Sketchy Android apps)

According to Evina, it advised Google about the programs. However, a few of those apps have been live from the Play Store google took actions in June and researched. Cumulatively, according to the company, these programs garnered over two million downloads.

There have been a smattering of cases like this one lately, such as the malware-laden group of two dozen programs (including calendar, weather, and camera functionality) that Google had to kick from the Play Store back in February when they were discovered to request all sorts of potentially nefarious permissions (although maybe not before racking up about 382 million downloads). (Sketchy Android apps)

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