Tokyo: A Massive Fireball Appeared Over Tokyo, And Watch video


A space rock entered Earth’s atmosphere over Tokyo, creating a brilliant flash and a loud sonic boom.

The episode has been captured on video, showing the fireball light up and then fizzling out.
No damage was reported; however, the sonic boom was heard for great distances.

Last weekend gave those of us to appear at the sky, what with the legal fireworks individuals were blowing off in the backyards and whatnot.

Tokyo residents were treated to a sky show of their own a few days before when a space rock came bursting in the procedure and speeding through Earth’s atmosphere above Japan. (TOKYO)

The fireball that is thought to have been a chunk of space debris that got a little too close to our planet appeared at roughly 2:30 a.m. local time. Its early morning arrival meant that many people were in at night, but its bright flash of light was met with an equally loud boom that woke a few of them up.

According to the Japan Times, the loud bang which the space rock produced was sufficient that citizens noticed something amiss.

Some flat residents believed the boom came over them, while some though the thump came from inside their home. No damage was recorded, that is excellent news.

Incredibly, despite the event occurring bright and early in the morning, somebody was able to record a great video of eventual death and the fireball’s look. The clip, which is only 13 minutes, sadly, doesn’t include the sound of the sonic boom which like came soon after the fireball fizzled out. However, it’s still a fantastic look at the object being demolished by the friction produced as it sped into Earth’s atmosphere. (TOKYO)

A fireball brighter than the entire moon (a specially bright meteor) flowed from west to east over Tokyo. I heard a roaring boom that could be heard indoors, which might be related to the fireball. The movie plays in the actual speed. It had been taken from the balcony. (TOKYO)

I am surprised that the meteor produces a halo.

That loud boom was related to the meteor, and it’s not uncommon for meteor sightings to be accompanied by sonic booms. Some of the more striking and more significant meteors that have come down above populated areas have caused harm. (TOKYO)

Back in 2013, a boom was produced when the space rock entered the atmosphere of Earth above Russia. It exploded with the power of up to 500 kilotons of TNT, sending a shockwave the windows and tested many buildings’ structural integrity beneath.

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