Madden 21 Playbooks highlighted in upcoming reveal: Gridiron Notes, developer stream, Live Playbooks & more

Fans are looking for anything they can find on Madden 21 on its way to release.

Thankfully EA is offering plenty with Gridiron Notes, developer streams, and even a closed beta!

Thus far we’ve gotten insight into gameplay, Franchise Mode, and Face of the Franchise. The upcoming Gridiron Notes will also cover how Madden 21 will handle playbooks.

Let’s go over what we can expect from the upcoming reveals.

New Playbooks

Thanks to the Gridiron Notes series we will have an extensive list of the changes coming to playbooks in Madden 21.

tom brady madden 21
THINK BIG: With a brain like Brady, maximizing your playbook is an easy way to turn losses into wins

Whether or not we get a developer stream on the topic, we will get unique insight from the developer’s on why the changes were made.

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Live Playbooks

Live Playbooks are a newer feature in the Madden series that we expect will be expanded on in Madden 21.

These offered a whole extra level of player control to the game, and rewarded strategic understanding and adaptability.

While Madden 21 may take playbooks into a whole new direction, we expect it to at least feature Live Playbooks in some capacity.

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What’s next for Madden 21?

madden 21 face franchise 2
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: All the pressure is on for Madden 21 to continue revealing big changes ahead of release

At the end of each Gridiron Notes entry, we receive the topic for the next set.

Thus far Gridiron notes have covered gameplay, Franchise Mode, Face of the Franchise, and soon playbooks.

We expect the next Gridiron notes to look into Madden 21 Ultimate Team.

Stay tuned for the reveal as it comes!

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Gameplay footage?

Madden 21 audibles 1
ACTION!: Madden 21’s gameplay deep dive showed how new audibles will look in-game

Despite fans keeping up hope that we’ll receive significant in-game footage, we’ve yet to get it in the Gridiron Notes and developer streams so far.

We have gotten some awesome screenshots, but it’s nothing compared to seeing the game in-action.

For that, it looks like we’ll have to continue to be patient. But perhaps the playbooks reveal may give us at least a taste.

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