Amazon Fire TV: Big Upgrade For Cord Cutters

Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV platform is currently continuing to adapt to a world in which TV streaming apps are essential for cord-cutters. The company announced its integration for YouTube TV Hulu + Live TV and Sling TV.

These services will have their content look prominently in 3 locations: the On pops on the key home display, the tab, and the multi-app channel guide. A movie is below.

You might see that Sling’s content appears in the row on the home screen so that you can quickly jump back to what you watched earlier.

As for when these changes include, YouTube TV arrives today (July 8), and Hulu with Live TV integration will probably arrive at these weeks. Earlier this year, the combination of Sling began.

These aren’t the first services to gain placement in the Amazon Fire TV home displays. Philo, Pluto TV, and the ala carte Prime Video Stations have been encouraged in such sections previously.

My gripe about Amazon’s operating systems, on its Fire pills and Kindle e-readers and both here, has been the dominance of Amazon’s services. If more solutions get more significant footholds from the Fire TV residence display, that may go a long way to making these streaming devices feel like they’re a gateway to the globe, not just its sections Amazon controls.

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