Drifters Season 2: Official Release Date, Cast And Plot Details

Drifters season-1 had gained immense popularity among the youth since the time it was premiered online. Drifters season- 1 was a huge success for the creators of the show.
The creators of the show had already announced that they were already sure to release Season- 2 because of the increase in following due to drifters season- 1 and because the show still has a lot of potential in it.

Lately, the production house has been very secretive about the release of the second Season of drifters season 2. Fans have been patiently waiting for the Second Season of the show to be aired online.

Season- 1 had 16 episodes in total- 12 episodes and 4 special episodes released later on. The drifters season- 1 was first premiered online on October 7, 2016 and the last special episode was aired on December 30, 2018. According to the rumours, Season- 2 is expected to be released around August or September this year, 2020.

Drifters Season- 2 PLOT

As we have seen at the end of the Season- 1 of Drifters itself, that all the Drifters from around the globe were brought together by Kan’no Naoshi. He became the king of the united tribes. It is being rumoured that Season- 2 will start with a clash between ‘the drifters’ and ‘the ends’, ‘the ends’ willing to kill ‘the drifters’ to take control of the world.

We and the fans of this fantastic show have been waiting curiously for the production house to announce the release dates of the show. Wait with us patiently to find out when the show is going to be released.

Till then, Stay tuned.

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