The Samsung Q60T QLED TV: Full Analysis With All Info

Samsung Q60T QLED TV

The outcome is precisely the same, although Samsung giveth and taketh away with its budget QLED collection: The Samsung Q60T QLED TV is a 4K QLED TV. Samsung added Alexa interior — a pleasant update over its Bixby voice helper –it reduced the price substantially (the 65-inch version currently costs less than $1,000, compared to $1,199 for final year’s Q60). In exchange for the Cost, you lose one HDMI interface — a reasonable trade-off for most people. The Q60T includes a refresh rate compared to the prior version — that could be noticeable to a quick and during gameplay action sequences but is not an issue in many scenes.

Samsung Q60T QLED TV

More importantly, Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K Lite powers the Q60T than has been in the version or at QLED places of the past year. The result is image quality and viewing experience, which does not match the components, like the ones seen within the TCL 6 Series Roku TV review or our Vizio M-Series Quantum review.

Samsung Q60T QLED TV review: availability and Cost

We analyzed the version of this Q60T, which costs less than $ 1,000 as of the writing at Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers. However, if 65 inches is not best for you, Samsung delivers a range of sizes — from little as 43 inches to as large as 85 inches — tall.

  • 43 inches – $529
  • 50 inches QN50Q60TAFXZA – $649
  • 55 inches QN55Q60TAFXZA – $699
  • 58 inches QN58Q60TAFXZA – $899
  • 65 inches QN65Q60TAFXZA – $999
  • 75 inches QN75Q60TAFXZA – $1,499
  • 85 inches QN85Q60TAFXZA – $2,699

The Samsung Q60T QLED TV lineup is indistinguishable, providing precisely the same number of the 4K resolution vents and HDR support and the QLED screen. Of the sets, attribute the same chip and utilize a double backlight. Because of this, we anticipate the operation of all sizes to get the very same strengths and flaws.

Samsung Q60T QLED TV

Samsung Q60T QLED TV review: Layout

The Q60T inherits a comfortable layout. While maybe not as thin as an OLED TV, the 57.1 x 32.6 x 2.3 unit has a rather narrow footprint. It’s a bezel to make the most. The plastic case includes a feel along the trunk for just a bit of dash and feels sturdy; it is not as elegant as metal instances; it does not look cheap, although you’ll discover it on a TV.

Samsung includes ft made from plastic that offers a foundation and clip at the bottom of the TV. With the rack, the device carries up 11.4 inches at its fullest. You might even use a wall mount (not included), possibly a standard 400 x 400-millimeter VESA bracket or Samsung’s miniature wall mount (handy if you would like to minimize how much the TV is split from the wall socket ).

The Q60T display uses a backlight that claims to enhance color and contrast over its LED predecessor. The backlight is made up. Samsung QLED TVs use a backlight. We saw the effect of the LED backlight from the unit’s brightness — it scored well, and 414 nits, lower compared to the Q60’s 531 nits beneath the TCL 6 Series rating of 608 nits.

Samsung Q60T QLED TV

Samsung Q60T QLED TV review: Ports

The Q60T includes three HDMI interfaces — one less than last year’s Q60 — such as one that supports sound yield station (ARC) to get one-cable control and a soundbar connection. Will three be sufficient? Particularly with all of the programs which can be found through the Tizen OS of the TV, but be sure that you won’t feel restricted with the amount.

In addition to HDMI, the Q60T includes a link for apparatus, two USB interfaces, an RF coaxial input for cable, an antenna, and a digital optical output for connecting to a receiver or some soundbar. It’s an Ethernet jack for a wired internet connection and supports 5GHz and 2.4Ghz Wi-fi. It provides Bluetooth for connecting to a wireless headset.

All of the ports are on this TV’s right, making them hard to get without even pulling the set if you end up frequently swapping apparatus out, yet another aspect to take into account.

Samsung Q60T QLED TV review: Performance

The Q60T creates a sharp picture and colors ordinarily. The effect of image quality was just evident in rapid scenes, while it’s less processing power along with a refresh rate than the Q60. The TV supports HDR (high dynamic range) material, such as Samsung’s proprietary HDR10+ (but it does not do Dolby Vision), which caused specific colors on an assortment of kinds of shows and films. However, our testing revealed its color gamut at 99.72 percent of its Rec 709 color space. That is somewhat lower compared to last year’s Q60 (99.96 percent) and for Vizio’s M-Series Quantum (99.96 percent) and TCL 6 String (99.92 percent), meaning that the Q60T generates a few fewer colors than these versions, but it is not immediately evident.

Samsung Q60T QLED TV

  • Color accuracy was off a little, using a Delta-E score of 2.7; that is compared to Q60’s 1.6 and the TCL 6 Series 1.1 (lower scores are better). Nonetheless, the most significant difficulty is that the moment you proceed too far from the middle, the colors fade.

Although the neon lights of the future were so wealthy and glowing, amid the black of night Los Angeles, I could view the facts in the scenes of Blade Runner 2049 from a chair before the display. Pods of dolphins diving in and out of the sea from Blue Planet II were detailed and different. But the colors changed and became real when I moved 30 degrees in the center — reds appeared heavy, and orange blues became blues. Additionally, I noticed dimming in the display’s borders due to the double backlight rather than a full-array backlight, such as Vizio M-Series use and the Hisense H8G of the set.

The activity was clean and crisp when Chris Hemsworth and a roomful of kidnappers in Extraction fight, but the scenes were not as eloquent once he hurried through Dhaka’s streets. In the same way, the Q60T kept pace during the majority of the gameplay in Call of Duty; however, when driving an ATV at the full rate, the brakes revealed some blurring — possibly as a result of 60Hz refresh rate, which is down from 120Hz around the Q60, or due to the decrease processing power. Once I plugged into my Xbox One S, the device changed into the Game mode. It simplifies a rather brief lag time of 27.8 milliseconds using all our Leo Bodnar input lag taker — more excellent than the Vizio M-Series or TCL 6 Series, but considerably slower compared to Q60’s 16.3 milliseconds.

The Q60T includes four images presets Natural, Dynamic, Standard, and Movie. I discovered the most realistic flesh tones were made by Movie. All presets have movement smoothing enabled. Motion smoothing provides the image the”soap opera impact,” or may produce the video action seem smooth or ultra-processed; Samsung’s execution made me feel nauseated.

Samsung Q60T QLED TV review: Audio

The two speakers within the Q60T do an adequate job of delivering audio, but the fundamental models can’t be matched by it from our listing of the soundbars.

It manages conversation best, which makes it effortless to know Zoe Kravitz and David H. Holmes debating the finer points of playlists throughout High Fidelity. The speakers generated a broad sound since the songs played on precisely the same show. However, the absence of bass was evident during action sequences; the bass pushing against the activity was imperceptible. The TV supports Dolby Audio, but not Dolby Atmos; despite all the speakers’ grades, it does not make much difference.

The 20-watts of electricity of the Q60T is half of the previous versions but enough to quantify about 85 decibels lots for most rooms. When cranked all of the way up, the conversation became harder to comprehend.

The TV provides three modes: Amplify, Adaptive, and Standard. Adaptive adjusts the audio based on what you see — sports or movies, such as — while Amplify promotes dialogue. I discovered that Flexible worked best for the background music of the choices conversation, and many seeing.

Samsung Q60T QLED TV review: Smart attributes

The Q60T inherits all of this OS’s advantages and features the Tizen TV platform as Samsung QLEDs, such as a choice for voice supporters precisely.

The simplest way to set the TV up is to produce a Samsung account on the internet and set up the Samsung SmartThings program on your mobile phone. It walks you through the setup and finds the TV. It is a lot more laborious, although you might even use the menus for installation. Using its SmartThings integration, then you might use your TV to command gadgets.

The Tizen interface is easy and straightforward to navigate to tasks. Nonetheless, it makes settings somewhat hard to discover. By way of instance, if you would like to switch off motion smoothing, you need to go to Settings > Picture > Professional Settings > Picture Clarity Settings then switch it off. But when you’ve obtained the settings the way you wo have to go searching that system.

You won’t miss your Roku thanks to several programs. Past the anticipated — YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Disney + — it’s YouTube TV for streaming, and all of the services we search for, Sling, such as AT&T TV. HBO Max was available the day it started. Some programs were slow to start, probably due to the Q60T’s Lite chip, but they were operating with seeing shows I did not have issues.

The improvement Samsung introduced into the version is Amazon Alexa, which functions with no need for an Alexa speaker. You may decide to utilize Samsung’s voice helper technology, Bixby, but Alexa did a much better job delivering results and knowing what I stated. You could join your Google Assistant apparatus if that is your helper to command the TV.

Samsung Q60T QLED TV review controller

The Q60T comes. Its design makes it effortless to control functions, such as browsing and volume onscreen menus. You will find quick launch buttons for Netflix, Prime Video, and Samsung TV Plus, its completely free live TV alternative (though there is a question about whether you will want to establish the service sufficient to justify a fast launch button). By holding the mike button, you can trigger the voice helper.

Nevertheless, the distant lacks buttons that you find on TV remotes, like accessing configurations and shifting audio or audio modes; utilize the voice helper, or you need to go and browse to yourself.

TV inspection: Verdict

If you’d like a Samsung but can not manage among its premium versions, the Samsung Q60T QLED TV will perform the job. It produces details in circumstances and bright colors. The accession of Amazon Alexa ups its helper game. However, the changes from the Q60 processing power and a refresh rate of the past year — watching action scenes and influencing performance for gaming, and it has problems with angles.

You also have improved viewing angles and can get LED TVs, like Vizio’s M-Series Quantum, each containing backlights or the TCL 6 Series.

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