aware of all of the coronavirus symptoms people

A lot of individuals think that they’re aware of all of the coronavirus symptoms people commonly experience.

and the CDC does list all of the typical COVID-19 symptoms on its site.

Regrettably, there is also a laundry list of far more acute symptoms that hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are experiencing.

One coronavirus survivor posted a widely-shared thread on Twitter that clarifies many coronavirus symptoms she and a number of other people have experienced.

One need only examine the sharp rise in coronavirus instances across the United States to see how harmful this pandemic is.

Over 3 million people in the united states are confirmed to have been infected with the book coronavirus, and more than 135,000 people in the country have died.

Where case amounts are concerned, many specialists believe the number of ailments to be an order of magnitude higher than that already daunting figure.

Since 40 percent or even more COVID-19 cases are curable, we will never really understand how a lot of individuals in the US caught the illness.

In cases of COVID-19, where the individual does display symptoms, there are a handful of frequent coronavirus symptoms which everyone talks about most frequently.

They are all listed on the CDC’s website, and there are 11 of them: fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, and headache, the new lack of taste or odor, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, nausea.

These are indeed the most typical symptoms physicians have encountered in patients behind cure for COVID-19 infections.

but there are more severe coronavirus symptoms that countless thousands of individuals around the world have undergone, and a number of them are downright terrifying.N+1 Foundation development director Dani Oliver is a COVID-19 survivor who shot to Twitter to shed light on her experience with the illness.

She also sought to raise awareness of how intense the novel coronavirus could be. The global death count of over 535,000 is a dreadful statistic that should be enough to frighten people into accepting every precaution that is possible.

Sadly, a lot of people across the US and around the globe either aren’t getting the message or refuse to feel that COVID-19 is too severe a problem as the press makes it out to be.

As Oliver puts it on Twitter,”It is not enough not to die. You do not wish to live thru this, either.”

In a protracted thread submitted to Twitter late last week, clarified that she captured COVID-19 in March and has been sick for at least three months with a fever in addition to respiratory, cardiovasculardisease, and neurological disorders.

Throughout her struggle with the illness, she’s also connected with other people battling COVID-19 around the world, who carry to internet forums and support groups to share their stories and help increase consciousness.

“I am not unique,” Oliver wrote of her acute and extensive coronavirus symptoms. “Support groups have sprung up all over the net because medical science does not understand exactly what to do with the hundreds of thousands of Covid patients that don’t get better (utter and complete bulls**t, and they know it) CDC guidelines of 2-6 months”

She continued,”The CDC is also refusing to add widely-reported, frightening symptoms to their own lists. So here is a grab bag of what patients like me are undergoing.

so you know.”

Oliver shared with a laundry list of most severe symptoms she and other COVID-19 patients she has come across have undergone. Here’s a portion of them, as quoted from her thread on Twitter:

Extreme tachycardia. My heart rate was once 160, while I had been sleeping.
Chest pain, like someone’s sitting on your sternum.

Back and rib pain like someone’s taken a baseball bat to your chest.
Fatigue just like you’ve never felt before in your lifetime.

Fatigue like your body is shutting off. Exhaustion was so bad it would frequently make me cry because I thought it might mean that I was dying.

GI problems, nausea to severe acid reflux. I had diarrhea daily for two+ weeks.
Inexplicable rashes.

For me, small broken blood vessels throughout my body.

For a lot of us, constant shortness of breath that physicians can’t find an explanation for.
Neurological symptoms. I’d delirium & hallucinations.

Several reports were tingling all over their entire body, an internal”buzzing” or”vibrating.” 1 symptom was so weird I thought it was only me, but it’s so many people.

Tremors while attempting to sleep, as somebody was shaking the bed.
There are many, many more coronavirus symptoms which Oliver goes on to describe.

You may read the whole thread by clicking through on the tweet embedded below. She shared a hyperlink to a post on The Atlantic which includes hyperlinks to several COVID-19 support groups.

This is the latest in a long lineup of reminders which the book coronavirus pandemic isn’t being overblown by the media.

If anything, there is not enough coverage of exactly how acute COVID-19 is. If you do not, you’re a danger to yourself and to everyone around you.

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