FIFA 21 Career Mode: Pre-Order Bonus, New Features, Release, Reveal Timeline, Homegrown Talent, Concepts, Training, Wishlist & more

FIFA 21 will be the first in the series to be released on the Next Gen consoles, but how different will it be to FIFA 20?

Fans are expecting a lot from the next edition of FIFA, and here is what we know about the Career Mode so far.

FIFA 21 Career Mode reveal timeline announced!

A recent post that accompanied the exciting FIFA 21 EA Play announcement, reveals the roadmap for feature reveals.

And it looks like Career Mode will be coming in August.

Of course, these dates are subject to change, but fingers crossed everything goes ahead as planned!

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NICE FEATURES: August is going to be absolutely amazing

FIFA 21 Pre-Order Bonus!

For pre-ordering FIFA 21, you will have a local youngster with world-class potential added to the first club you manage in FIFA 21’s career mode. This will apply to every new save of the game mode.

This is huge for career mode players who look to build a championship squad from within.

Some will undoubtedly complain that this bonus is much too significant to how career mode will work in-game, but the mode getting any attention is a good thing.

How to pre-order?

We’ve got everything you need to know about how to pre-order FIFA 21. Plus, we’ve broken down the different FIFA 21 Editions available too!

Pre-Order FIFA 21 right HERE.

FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

There are several features we want to see from FIFA 21 Career Mode.

Improved communication with the Board

Board objectives are sometimes unattainable, unbalanced and non-negotiable.

For example, there is no scope to inform the board you’d rather focus on Premier League success, but you’ll be sacrificing your FA Cup run to save player fitness.

ONE WAY STREET: Currently the board share their demands, but you can’t respond

Also, transfer funds requests could be more in-depth, allowing you to promise certain achievements if the board were to allow you to sign a certain player.

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Evidently, there are so many features that could improve board communications.

FIFA 21 doesn’t need to go after all aspects of it, but a step towards better communications with the board would be very helpful.

Customisable Kits & sponsorship deals

There’s no better feeling as a Career Mode player than when you’ve taken your League Two club all the way to the bright lights of the Champions League.

However, it’s a bit frustrating when you’re matched up against the likes of Real Madrid and you have to walk out at the Bernabeu in an outdated kit.

NEW SEASON, SAME KIT: Currently you’re stuck with the same set of kits no matter how many seasons you play

The ability to customise and update your club’s kits each season would be an exciting addition to the game mode.

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EA could even go one step further and allow sponsor partnership negotiations which could help your club raise funds.

Gamer Design Concepts

With such a passionate community of followers, it’s no surprise that there are some talented designers amongst them.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before new concepts for career mode started popping up. Let’s take a closer look!

NEW INTERFACE: The new concept shows some areas the designer would love to see change

Here’s one of the many screenshots from the new design, all of which can be watched here in the full video.

The ability to design a new kit yearly and being able to change your club’s sponsors could add another level of realism to the game.

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However, due to licensing issues, this may prove too much of a challenge to undertake. The good news is that some of the other changes would be seemingly ‘easy’ to implement.

Features which give players more control of finances and budget, or even just improvements in social pages could add to an already popular game mode for Fifa.

In-Depth Transfer and Loan Deals

Career Mode’s transfer system is much in need of an update – the current system merely allows you to sign players through offering a fee or player exchange, or loan a player by paying part of their wage.

kovacic fifa 20
SIGN HIM UP – Matteo Kovacic’s loan deal to Chelsea was made permanent last summer

This is far from the reality of the transfer market. Primarily, the ability to include add-ons in transfer deals would add another layer of immersion. 

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For example, rather than paying a flat fee, you could break down a deal into instalments, and include extra payments if and when the player has made a certain number of appearances.

In terms of loans, being able to add an obligation-to-buy is an omission that EA somehow hasn’t rectified. It’s a must-have in next year’s game. 

There used to be an option-to-buy in previous games, but this was removed – it would be great to see this feature re-added also.

Youth Academy

Signing and developing new talent is crucial for long-term Career Mode success, especially if you’re managing a smaller team.

However, under the current system, you are required to essentially micromanage your youth academy if you want to help players reach their potentials.

MICRO-MANAGE: Currently you have to manually train any young prospects

A revamped youth academy system could consist of delegating the training of the youth squad to a youth manager.

Moreover, your youth squad could play in a simulated youth league, further aiding their overall growth.

Training tweaks

Moreover, the fact that you can only train five players in a week is incredibly unrealistic.

EA could keep the current system in which you can focus on five players, but add a weekly or monthly training report on player improvements.

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This would give you an idea on who’s working hard and deserves minutes on the pitch.

You can then extend this to pre-season to keep tabs on everyone’s fitness ahead of the campaign.

For even more features we want to see in FIFA 21’s Career Mode, check out our full predictions piece here.

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