Madden 21: Best Pass Rushers – Aaron Donald, JJ Watt, Khalil Mack & more

We are officially at the peak of Madden 21 ratings season, and it’s been a very eventful few days so far.

Today’s big reveal covered several different things – including the strongest players, and the best pass rushers.

So let’s go over the top 10 pass rushes in Madden 21!

Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald is the clear-cut best defensive player in Madden 21. This year will be his 4th straight entry into the 99 club, and there’s no signs of slowing down yet.

madden 21 mahomes bosa
THAT’S NOT THE ONE TO WORRY ABOUT: Mahomes looks on against the LA Chargers, but Aaron Donald is the real threat

The pressure Aaron Donald generates as an edge rusher for the Los Angeles Rams is second to none, and he regularly overwhelms offensive lines time and time again.

This will be no different in Madden 21, and he’s perhaps the defender offenses have to look out for the most.

JJ Watt

JJ Watt is an NFL legend for the Houston Texans, and his reign near the top isn’t over just yet.

THROWBACK: JJ Watt has been a huge problem for offenses in Madden games for some years now, and Madden 21 is more of the same

Clocking a 98 OVR rating in Madden 21 at 31 years old is a huge feat, and he more than fits the bill with the huge pressure he puts on offenses. While he went down to injury early in 2019, we expect him to bounce back quickly

Watt is certainly one to watch on edge rushes, and you’re probably better off running the ball far away from where Watt lines up.

Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack really packs a punch in the linebacker spot for the Chicago Bears. Mack is a throwback to the time of more single-focus linebacker roles, for Bears fans he resembles the presence Brian Urlacher.

rsz khalil mack madden 20
GRIZZLY RESULTS: Khalil Mack packs a huge punch for the Chicago Bears, resembling the pressure of Brian Urlacher

Mack puts huge pressure on offenses as a blitzer, and settles into zone and man coverage much less effectively, but still good enough to get the job done.

Mack may not be the best edge rusher on OVR in Madden 21, but in an NFL survey, players chose him above all others – so this placement could actually be seen as somewhat of a snub.

Von Miller

Much like JJ Watt, Von Miller has maintained a level of defensive prowess for the Denver Broncos that far exceeds most players at the 31 year old mark.

color rush denver broncos von miller madden 20
HIDE WHILE YOU CAN: The last thing you want on offense is Von Miller pointing at you

And not only does Miller keep the huge pressure on, he also maintains it from the linebacker position, which demands much more mobility than a RE or LE spot.

With Von miller on the outside of a dangerous defensive line, offenses better be prepared to throw the ball early and often, or the pressure will land some huge blows.

And if you’re scrambling, you better be ready to slide if Miller is catching up.

Fletcher Cox

So far the list has only included edge rushers, but Fletcher Cox changes things up.

fletcher cox madden 20
INSIDE THREAT: Fletcher Cox brings on-ball pressure, and is a nightmare for interior offensive linemen

As perhaps the most dangerous DT in the NFL today, Fletcher Cox generates an insane amount of inside pressure for the Philadelphia Eagles, something that has been key to the organization’s return to success.

Due to his position he may not reach the backline as often as edge rushers, but Cox is much more valuable than his stats describe.

With Fletcher Cox on the field, the run game turns into a nightmare, and staying in the pocket is nearly impossible. This opens up plenty of great plays, and more than earns Cox his spot on the list.

Cameron Jordan

Cameron Jordan is surprisingly one of the most productive players on this list taking into account his stellar performances for the New Orleans Saints throughout 2019.

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While he may not usually be held in the esteem of some of the legends, he has more than earned his spot – and is a seriously underrated defensive talent, even with his 96 OVR rating in Madden 21.

Chandler Jones

The Arizona Cardinals have picked up a new sense of vitality in the last couple seasons, and Chandler Jones is a huge piece to the puzzle.

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Jones may line up at linebacker, but he’s certainly not valued for his role in coverage – with only 1 interception in his entire NFL career.

Instead, Jones is a classic pass rushing linebacker, who gives offensive lines fits trying to adjust to his motion before the snap.

Calais Campbell

Calais Campbell is the oldest player on the list at 33 years old, so this may be his last Madden at such a high rating.

UPPER ECHELON: Calais Campbell earned his slot on the Team of the Year in MUT – and we expect similarly big things in Madden 21

But it’ll be a hell of a game for Campbell, who’s soon to make his debut with the Baltimore Ravens, an organization that will see plenty of play in this year’s game thanks in part to Lamar Jackson at the helm.

Despite his age, though, Campbell has recorded a ton of tackles over the last two seasons, and if he keeps up the pace, the Ravens may just have a chance to take down a Super Bowl in his last seasons.

Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett could very well be the future greatest defender in the NFL, as he’s already carved out a huge reputation at just 24 years old.

YOUNG PRESENCE: Garrett was already given the superstar treatment in Madden 20 at just 23, and it’ll be more of the same in Madden 21

And after signing a 5-year contract extension with the Cleveland Browns on 15 July, that explosive future will be spent in the black and orange.

Garrett gives teeth to a Browns defense that has struggled for over a decade, and is a huge piece to the puzzle of rebuilding the franchise in a way that a few overhyped QB draft picks over the years couldn’t.

While he has a bit too much on his plate trying to keep the franchise afloat, we expect him to develop a lot over the next couple seasons and top lists just like this one for future Madden games.

Chris Jones

Alongside Myles Garrett, Chris Jones is another young defensive name in the NFL that we expect to see plenty more of for the next few years.

Jones also has the unique capabilities to generate huge pressure from the inside as only the second DT on the list, making him a rare commodity that is a very important part to the Kansas City Chiefs’ championship level of play on both sides of the football.

Coming fresh off a Super Bowl victory, the ceiling for Chris Jones is very high, and we expect him to progress to match his potential. That’s a very dangerous prospect for a team already at the top of the mountain.

Madden 21 ratings reveals

You can look over this list in full below posted via the EA Madden Twitter account.

Madden 21 best pass rushers
OFFENSES BEWARE: This may as well be a wanted board posted by offensive coordinators, because these defenders bring the pain time and time again

To keep up with all the reveals during this Madden 21 ratings season, stay tuned with RealSport.

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