NHL 21 Release Date: New development update gives official date

EA hasn’t given us much on NHL 21 in recent months, but we now have a solid release date window thanks to a recent development update.

With Madden 21 and FIFA 21 getting plenty of reveals, it looks like it’s NHL 21’s turn.

Let’s go over what we learned from the most recent development update, and what we know about NHL 21 and its release date.

NHL 21 release date

Thanks to the most recent development update we now know NHL 21 will be coming in October.

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This matches up with EA roadmap which placed NHL 21 as a Q3 2020 release – and is a bit of a pushback from the original September expectation.

No PS5 or Xbox Series X versions

NHL 21 will not be developed for next-gen consoles according to a development update from EA. This means the game will have no Xbox Series X or PS5 release.

NHL 21 potential cover star Nathan Mackinnon
FEATURE FOCUS: NHL 21 won’t have next-gen versions which means no exclusive features

Instead EA is focusing on gameplay features for current-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One.

NHL 21 will still be playable on next-gen consoles thanks to forward-compatibility.

NHL season start date

Thanks to COVID pushing plans and would be dates around, the NHL has been trying to figure out when to start next season.

The NHL has reportedly settled on 1 December as the start date for the 20-21 season.

EA could easily use that as a date to launch NHL 21 as well. Combining the buzz of a new season with the Christmas sales boost to drive the new game forward.

NHL 21 cover star

No cover athlete has been revealed for NHL 21 just yet.

While we expect there to be regional cover stars once again, the front runner for the main cover is definitely Nathan MacKinnon.

nathan mackinnon nhl
CENTER OF ATTENTION: The Avs forward is surely the man for NHL 21

The Avalanche star has been in lethal form once again and is fast becoming one of the most dominant players in the sport.

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