“We are all Complicit”: Tackling the Moral Problems in Don’t F**k With Cats

“I feel it was integral to getting access to them that we deal with head-on that situation: are we giving a platform to Luka?” Lewis agrees. “I feel in conversations with Deanna and John Inexperienced, we arrived at what we felt was a cushty place which was wanting on the complicity of each one that reads a criminal offense story in a newspaper or reads a criminal offense novel. Crime and homicide is one thing that we’re all fascinated by. In a way, it was a part of the story that we’re all, whether or not it’s film-makers or viewers, complicit on this fascination with true crime.”

It’s clear from the collection that Luka was determined for notoriety, baiting the web detectives with clues, and modelling his horrific crime round one in every of his favorite films, Fundamental Intuition. It will all appear terribly far-fetched had been it not true.

“One of many causes behind why Luka had moved from killing animals to murdering somebody on-line was as a result of he knew there was this viewers for homicide so instantly there was a really darkish, however extraordinary again story behind the entire movie. We determined that we needed to deal with that head-on,” Lewis says.

The ending they decide on is what Lewis refers to because the ‘complicity ending’, and he says that this all got here from Thompson, who he says is the perfect interview topic he has ever had.

Within the closing moments of the ultimate episode Thompson asks herself, “Had been we complicit in Luka’s crimes? Did we feed his narcissism to the purpose the place he needed to go ahead? Did we feed the monster? Or did we create it?”

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