*BREAKING* FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: FUT Co-Op Announced – Objectives, Weekend League, Customisation & more

Well this came out of the blue!

EA Sports have released their trailer for their upcoming FIFA title, and it’s safe to say that there are some BIG things in-store!

None more so than the addition of a Co-Op edition of FIFA Ultimate Team!

FIFA 21 Trailer

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer yet, it can be found below!

The addition of “Fut Co-Op” is without a doubt one of the biggest changes we’ll see this year. The addition of Co-Op seasons was big, but this, this is something else altogether!

Co-Op Objectives

There will be a specific set of Co-Op Objectives for those who choose to dive into the two-player Ultimate Team mode.

fifa 21 gameplay reveal 1
FUT-Co-Op! It’s a huge addition, will you be getting involved?

The FUT Co-Op mode will allow you to get stuck in on the online Division Rivals mode or the offline Squad Battles, whichever floats your boat!

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These look to be completely different from your standard Ultimate Team, so you should be able to have a separate club for solo gaming.

Co-Op Weekend League?

This hasn’t been officially confirmed by EA as of yet, but could we be set to see a FUT Co-Op Weekend League added into FIFA 21?

fut champions rewards fifa 20 weekend league
Weekend League! Will you be taking on a potential Co-Op Weekend League?

It would make sense. We’ve seen EA host a number of team events over the years, seeing the best FIFA players in the world pair up to compete against one another, but could we see it happen week in week out on FIFA 21?

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It would be a graft to get through 30-games in a weekend, so we could potentially see a reduced quota for the Co-Op version, but it would be exciting nonetheless.

More Customisation Options

Another big thing that has been confirmed by EA today is the addition of even more customisation options on FIFA Ultimate Team.

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EA confirmed that there will be “a range of new and expanded ways to customise your team’s look both on the pitch and in the stands.”

Let’s just hope that you and your Co-Op partner have the same vision for how you want your club to look, or it may cause a few problems!

We take an in-depth look at what FIFA 21’s Gameplay could look like here. 

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