GTA Online Summer Update COUNTDOWN: Content, Heists, Locations, and more

GTA Online is soon to receive its biggest update yet with the Summer Update.

Let’s go over what we know so far, and count down to the action!

The GTA Online Summer Update is Almost Here!

Rockstar released a post stating that a ‘massive’ update was coming for Red Dead Online for 28 July 2020.

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There has been no official release date given for the GTA Online update mentioned in the same post, but it does appear to be ‘on the way’.

gta online vespucci job weekly update 16 july 1
NEW WHEELS? Will we see even more cars vehicles feature in the update?

A summer update to GTA Online is also on the way, offering up a fun mix of diverse new content from the game’s massive array of experiences to enjoy.


Rockstar has not yet provided details surrounding what content we can expect, however, the mention of a ‘fun mix of diverse new content’, certainly sounds exciting.

gta online weekly update special vehicle races double payout
SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: There’s a ton of variety on offer in the game

We’re hoping that this means we’ll be seeing an even broader variety of content than ever before!

Location and Heists

A very exciting piece of Rockstar’s post was the mention of ‘our latest take on Heists in an entirely new location.’

Naturally, this is creating various theories and predictions surrounding where the new location will be.

Speculations range from revisiting old maps in the series, such as Vice City, or San Andreas, or even places within GTA 5 itself like North Yankton.

keep the pace triple payout gta online weekly update 16 april
TAKING A TRIP? Could we be jetting away from Los Santos?

With the mention of heists we can understandably assume that new heists are likely to feature in the update. Could these be tied in with the new location? With no more clues from Rockstar, we can only speculate for now.

Make sure to check back in with us for all the latest on the GTA Online.

Fixing Problems in GTA Online

Rockstar are at a constant war with players using exploits and hacking in GTA Online, often to grief others.

gta v online half track podium car 21 may
SUIT UP: You’ll need all you can get in GTA Online if you come across a hacker

In the Summer Update announcement post, Rockstar stated – “We are also committed to ensuring that our games are fun for everyone and as safe as possible from modders, cheaters, hackers and those who seek to harass other players. So far this year, we have taken action on hundreds of thousands of players caught violating community rules across both games.”

This could mean we may see new tools coming in the Summer Update to fight these issues, or possibly a new wave of bans.

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