Apple’s iPhone 12 release date is definitely delayed

Apple, iPhone 12

  • iPhone 12 release date is likely to be delayed to October

We saw plenty of chatter about the iPhone 12 release date in the past few months, and it’s all because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Most reports suggested buyers should expect some sort of delay.

Not all four iPhone versions will ship during the regular late-September new iPhone launch window, some of those reports said.

  • A leaker said the iPhone 12 and a new iPad will launch in October, without providing an actual release date for the handset.

A few of the four iPhone 12 versions coming this year could arrive on time, while the others will hit stores in October or November.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted both the supply chain in Asia

and Apple’s ability to travel to the region to finalize the iPhone 12 development on time,

previous rumors claimed.

More recent reports said that iPhone suppliers are churning components according to original plans,

and Apple could still make its September deadline.

It’s now late July,

and we have two distinct sources that seem to deliver the same bad news.

The iPhone 12 models will be delayed this year,

with October looking like the likeliest release window for the handset.

First up is YouTuber Jon Prosser,

who said on Twitter a few hours ago that the iPhone 12 and new iPads are coming in October.

Prosser did not provide additional details about the handsets, or the new iPad types set to launch in October.

The leaker has been accurate about several Apple moves during the first months of the pandemic,

including store closures as well as the launch date and price of the iPhone SE 2nd-edition.

Prosser also provided plenty of information about the four upcoming iPhone 12 models,

including specs, sizes, and price points.

Qualcomm adjusted its earnings guidance for the September quarter,

saying that a flagship phone launch delay will impact its business during the period.

Assuming all of this information is accurate,

and Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series in October,

we’d still expect the company to unveil the handsets on time, during a mid-September press event.

This wouldn’t be the first time some iPhones are delayed.

The iPhone X launched in early November,

and the iPhone XR hit stores in October a year later.


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