GTA Online: When is the Summer Update? Expected content, Rockstar hints, news on biggest update ever & more

Rockstar has created some serious hype amongst GTA fans, announcing that a summer update is on its way to Los Santos!

But are we any closer to finding out that all important release date? Do we know where the ‘entirely new location’ will be?

Keep reading to find out when we can expect the summer patch and what it might include.

GTA Online Summer Update Release Date

As of the time of writing, Rockstar has not yet confirmed a date for GTA’s new summer update.

After Red Dead Online’s summer update arrived in place of the weekly update, we thought that GTA’s summer update might arrive as soon as Thursday, 30 July 2020.

gta online parachuting 3x payout 18 june patch
DROP ZONE: There’s no confirmed date for when the summer update will drop

However, Rockstar has released the weekly update for 30 July, and there’s still no sign of a summer update.

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Nevertheless, the latest update gives away more about a summer update release date than you might think.

gta online summer update tweet
ELEMENTARY: Has TezFunz2‘s detective work uncovered the summer update release date?

Twitter user, TezFunz2, has spotted that the current update runs until Tuesday, 11 August.

This is unusual for a GTA Online weekly update, so would suggest that this is when the summer update may be dropping!

Expected Content

Although they haven’t given too much away, Rockstar has said we can expect a ‘fun mix of diverse new content’. This certainly sounds exciting!

gta online weekly update special vehicle races double payout
SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: There’s a ton of variety on offer in the game

We’re hoping that this means we’ll be seeing an even broader variety of content than ever before!

Biggest GTA Online Update EVER

Rockstar also mentioned that later this year we can expect the biggest GTA Online update ever!

This update will feature the ‘latest take on Heists in an entirely new location.’

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Naturally, this is creating various theories and predictions surrounding where the new location will be.

keep the pace triple payout gta online weekly update 16 april
TAKING A TRIP? Could we be jetting away from Los Santos?

Speculations range from revisiting old maps in the series, such as Vice City, or San Andreas, or even places within GTA 5 itself like North Yankton.

We can also assume that new heists are likely to feature in the update. Could these be tied in with the new location? With no more clues from Rockstar, we can only speculate for now.

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