5 reasons to buy Madden 21: Face of the Franchise, gameplay, The Yard, Dual Entitlement, Madden Ultimate Team & more

We’re less than a month out from Madden 21!

With plenty of competition for your dollar approaching next-gen consoles, here’s 5 reasons to buy Madden 21.

Latest News – Madden Ultimate Team Wishlist

EA have given us plenty of looks into Madden 21 – but one popular mode that has been neglected so far is Madden Ultimate Team (MUT).

That will change on 18 August, with the next major Gridiron Notes going over the mode in-depth with developer insights.

You can read over our MUT wishlist for changes we’d like to see in Madden 21.

Face of the Franchise – High School to Hall of Fame

EA has been trying for a long time to bring a Career Mode to Madden. First it was Longshot, which got two bites at the cherry. Then last year it was Face of the Franchise, which had a lot more promise.

This year is Face of the Franchise – Rise to Fame, which has a lot of promising things going for it.

madden 21 face of the franchise 1
FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: All the way to Canton – leave your mark on the NFL

Not only will your journey start in High School, but it will include the chance to win two College football championships.

You can also play as a QB, RB, or WR this year.

With appearances from Rich Eisen and Snoop Dogg it is a chance to live out your NFL dreams.

Gameplay – changes to user defending

The #FixMaddenFranchise movement may be continuing at a pace, but one big gameplay tweak could alter the meta-strategy for Madden this year.

User defenders will feel slower, which counter-intuitively is actually a good thing.

bobby wagner madden 20 1
ELITE: High-end defenders will be more valuable than ever this year

For the last few years a good Madden player could cover practically the whole field with one player. We’ve even seen MUT players make sideline interceptions with defensive linemen.

This has created a big incentive to run the ball. Well, that should change in Madden 21.

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Which means there might well be more than one way to play the game and create some more varied and exciting offensive strategies.

The Yard – new backyard football mode

This one has been leaked, but with very little confirmed.

The Yard looks like a mix of the MUT House Rules events with your created Superstar.

madden 21 the yard
ARCADE FOOTBALL: Madden is adding a bit more flash & bang to its options

Descriped as “A new take on Madden with backyard rules!”, the game mode is 6v6 and seemingly includes online co-op and multiplayer too.

We are very intrigued by this one.

Free next-gen upgrade

Madden 21 arrives on August 28, a good two or three months before the next-gen consoles.

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But there is no worry about buying the game twice or waiting to get it on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Anyone that buys Madden 21 on PS4 of Xbox One will get a free upgrade to next-gen thanks to Dual Entitlement!

New cities, uniforms, rosters, & rookies

A lot has changed since the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV.

The Washington football team is now just the Washington Football Team, the Raiders have officially moved to Las Vegas, and several teams have brand new uniforms.

tom brady madden 21
TOMPA BAY: Tom Terrific has a new home

There is also the arrival of sensational rookies like Chase Young (80 OVR), Henry Ruggs III (98 speed), and Joe Burrow (76 OVR).

Throw in Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski going to Tampa Bay, Todd Gurley on the Falcons, and DeAndre Hopkins on the Cardinals and Madden 21 will offer a totally different feel to last year!

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