*UPDATED* UFC 4 ALL RATINGS – Top 50 Roster, Amanda Nunes, Jon Jones, Khabib & more

EA has released the ratings for the top 50 fighters on UFC 4.

Keep reading to find out who’s claimed that prestigious number one spot!

TOP 10

Here they are, in all their glory!

UFC 4 ratings final

As usual EA has highlighted some standout fighters in the selection. Of course, it will be huge to UFC fans that Amanda Nunes has got the top spot. Congratulations Nunes!


As usual, EA has provided a few highlights from this batch. Take a look below for the four fighters that stand out from the crowd.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

The Eagle himself gets a 5 star rating, and understandably has probably one of the best ground games in the UFC.

He’s smashed McGregor, but the much anticipated fight with Tony Ferguson didn’t work out. We wonder if anyone will be able to dethrone this absolute champion.


Israel Adesanya

Part of the duo of cover stars, the middleweight known for his fluid and unique style is an inspiration to many young fighters.

Seriously good at striking, with a lot of heart and conditioning, watch out for this guy!


Valentina Shevchenko

The flyweight is an absolutely incredible fighter, and is the definition of a fantastic all-rounder.

With nothing below 4.5 stars, prepare to dig deep when you step into the Octagon with this warrior.


Stripe Miocic

Miocic is a bit of beast, but is incredibly tactical also. It’s not uncommon for him to get into his grove later in the match, and find fighter’s weaknesses.

His health reflects his seriously impressive conditioning, even for a pretty hefty guy!


Ranks 20-11

The full ratings for ranks 20-11 are below.

UFC 4 ratings 8


As usual, EA has spotlighted some of the standout fighters. Let’s take a look at how they stack up.

Connor McGregor

The lightweight is known for his rowdy press-conferences, showmanship, and of course his incredible fighting skill.

NOTORIOUS: The Irishman is an icon of the sport

We expected striking to be a bit higher, for the versatile fighter, and it looks like even though he put up a somewhat good defence against Khabib, his grappling is only 3.5 stars.

With the all new rating adjustments – perhaps he’ll be moving on up if he comes out of retirement!

Alex Volkanovski

The featherweight is an absolute machine, and has some serious cardio behind him. This allows him to inflict some massive damage without the risk of getting gassed out!

The only chance to take this guy down is to get him on the ground…but good luck doing that!


Max Holloway

He started off very young and worked his way up the ranks with his fluid, powerful and damaging fighting style.

A bit of showman, but incredibly popular with fans of the sport, Holloway is well represented here in the game, especially with his conditioning.


Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal, one of the cover stars for the game has put in impressive showings through-out his career.

Even recently he managed to make weight and take the fight against Usman on very short notice – and made no excuses when he lost! A class act, and worthy of his 4.5 stars!


Demetrius Johnson

The Flyweight American fighter is definitely one to watch out for, and is the top of the pack in this group.

A great all rounder, we wonder if he has any weakness whatsoever! We’ll have to take a closer look at the ratings when the game releases!


Ranks 30-21

Take a look below for the latest reveal from EA, for ranks 30 to 21.

UFC 4 ratings 7
SURPRISES? What’s next though?

The ratings came a little earlier than expected, especially after an all new mechanic was announced for the game, only a day ago.

READ MORE: UFC 4 Ratings can change after REAL fights

Ratings will now be affected by fighter’s real-life performance in the Octagon, meaning that if you aren’t satisfied with the rankings here – don’t worry, as they’re not set in stone!


As usual, EA has provided a few highlights from this batch. Take a look below for the four fighters that stand out from the crowd.

Deiveson Figueiredo

The flyweight is coming in at a hefty 4.5 stars, but we’re interested to see how his striking breaks down in the game. There must be a weakness somewhere, surely!

Watch out for this guy in the arena!


Joanna Jedrejcyk

Know for her epic conditioning, and unbeatable heart in the face of some seriously painful looking injuries, Jedrejcyk deserves the 5 star health ranking for sure!

An amazing striker as well, so be careful if you come up against her in the game.


Marlon Moraes

The Bantamweight fighter is yet another particularly strong striker, but don’t bet on putting this guy down easy. His conditioning is second to none, and his ground game is pretty good too!


Tony Ferguson

The man, the myth…the boogyman! Ferguson is a fan favourite, however many will surely question his 4/5 striking, as he’s someone with incredible knees, kicks and elbows.

A deserving 5 star health rating, as this fighter is one of the toughest around.


Ranks 40-31

Take a look below for the next batch of UFC 4 ratings from EA.

UFC 4 ratings revealed 1

Check out some of the fighters which EA have spotlighted for the latest reveal.


As usual, EA has provided a few highlights from this batch. Take a look below for the four fighters that stand out from the crowd.

Holly Holm

The iconic fighter has some very impressive striking ability, and comes in at a whopping 4.5 starts. Not to be messed with, but you could take advantage of a relatively ‘average’ grappling game…

ufc 4 ratings 4 1

Aljamain Sterling

The bantamweight is a master at grappling, so best to work on your submission defence as much as possible before facing this titan.

UFc 4 rating 5 1

Curtis Blaydes

Bring your A-game when you come up against this heavy hitter. Surprisingly agile, quick and with some powerful striking – he’s definitely one to watch.

ufc 4 ratings

Cold Covington

The welterweight is up there with the best, and with good reason.

Amazing grappling and amazing cardio gives Covington the edge in the Octagon.

UFC 4 ratings 3 1

Rank 50-41

The tweet shared this photo, alongside an announcement that we’ll be seeing the top 50 UFC fighters revealed over the next 10 days!

IT HAS BEGUN! The long awaited ratings are coming in

The ratings are bound to divide fans around the world, as they see how EA has ranked them. This image was quickly followed with 4 examples of fighters, which gave us a glimpse of how they are being rated.

For our full breakdown of each fighter – head over here!

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As usual, EA has provided a few highlights from this batch. Take a look below for the four fighters that stand out from the crowd.

Leon Edwards

First up was Leon Edwards – and he’s looking lean and mean!

STRIKING THE RIGHT CHORD: Leon Edwards is not to be messed with!

Cody Garbrandt

The fighter, who just had one of the smoothest knockouts we’ve seen, is in the game with a 4 star rating.

As we predicted – he has some stellar striking ability.

SURPRISE! An amazing striker with great grappling skills also

Tatiana Suarez

The Strawweight with the heart of a lion, Suarez is coming in at 4 stars and boy is she dangerous in a clinch.

Try not to come up against her if you’re new to the submission game!

DURABLE! Suarez looks to have some serious stamina and resilience in the game

Darren Till

Darren Till comes in at number 50, and the Englishman is not one to play around when it comes to striking.

Super powerful, fast and deceptively agile, it looks like the best way to beat him is to go for the take-down!

JUST WAIT ‘TILL’ THEY GET A PIECE OF ME! Dangerous striker, but you could be in with a chance for submission

To read everything you need to know about UFC 4, head here.

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