Fuller House: Every Reference To Michelle In The Netflix Series

Here are the controversies Fuller House was included with throughout its run. Netflix’s Full House spin-off ended in June 2020 after five seasons, coming to a close with a heartwarming series finale. It wasn’t without any issues of its own, although it bannered healthy content that appealed to the viewing audience.

Debuting in 2016, Fuller House officially joined the list of old TV shows becoming either a reboot or a sequel. Fans of the’80s/’90s family-oriented sitcom were thrilled about the news as it had been confirmed to feature the majority of the original Total House cast. Nevertheless, it was not all smooth sailing to the series. It had to sort through a few challenges along the way that ranged from handling public perception about its possible to crew members and cast. The offshoot rose over some of those problems as it went along, but was plagued with ones until the end.

Five seasons later, Fuller House ended on a happy note with DJ (Candace Cameron-Bure), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), and Kimmy (Andrea Barber) marrying Steve (Scott Weinger), Jimmy (Adam Hagenbuch), and Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace). Kimmy and Stephanie decided to move from the home following the wedding, but at the last minute, they decide to stay and reside under one roof. Even its season, however, was somewhat marred by events out its control. With the series below are a few of the controversies it is involved with over the years.

The sitcom provided fans a satisfying send-off to its characters; despite that, many are calling for Netflix to renew Fuller House for season 6. The show did not have exactly the clamor as it first began. While it was building on an established land with a solid after, there was doubt about whether or not it’d be a hit to the streaming services. Before Fuller House, Stamos was working behind-the-scenes to get a revival or reunion project going as he has an ownership stake in the first show. In 2008, he was allegedly working on a reunion movie, but nearly all of the original Total House cast members weren’t interested in reprising their roles. He tried again with a prequel assumption pitch that would have ideally see Steve Carell, James Franco, and Tracy Morgan as Danny, Jesse, and Joey throughout their pre-Total House years.

That didn’t go anywhere until serious buzz about Netflix ordering a Total House spin-off started in 2014. It took another year to be confirmed not everyone was sold on the idea for its offshoot. Even after it surfaced, there was skepticism about whether or not it would have the legs to last a few seasons, particularly given its rocky first year, which didn’t offer anything new. Fuller House season 1 leaned a bit too much on the nostalgia, with a lot of Total House references instead of establishing itself from its parent collection. It was a procedure for the spin-off to locate its footing, and it gradually got better over the years, while it had plenty of places for improvement.

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