The Order Season 2: Netflix Release Date And Everything You Know So Far

Netflix original one series, The Order is already renewed for a season two. Even in season two we will be seeing the protagonist, Jack Morton getting together with his gang of werewolfs to bring more fun, frolics and black magic battles for its audience.

So let’s see what the students of the prestigious Belgrave University are bringing for us in the second season.

About The Order season 2

Similar to the way Picasso had his blue phase, Jack will have his blonde phase in the second season. As we saw in the first season, all the Knights of St Christopher were stripped of their memories. Thus, Jack is trying to join the cheer squad. Moreover, he also rocks a peroxide ‘do and improbably starts to date Gabrielle.

Gabrielle, on the other hand, is seeing giving doses of obfuscation powder to prevent him from transforming into a werewolf again. Also, Hamish, Lilith and Randall are also on the same path. They are given puffs of the memory-wiping powder so that they don’t urge to get back into their werewolves characters.

However, Alyssa restores their memories for two episodes of season two and then they start seeking for revenge. But then there comes a lady Ellie; she has learned the magic with which she used to turn students into statues and embed them in walls. In a scene from season two she is seen testing her powers on some rats inside her kitchen.

And there’s another troublesome thing revealed by Vera. We get to know that magically makes werewolves angry. Well, that’s all about the revelation of the plot. I won’t be spoiling your mood by describing the end, find it out by yourself.

Possibilities for The Order season 3

After watching season two, everyone is desperate to know whether they’ll be meeting the werewolves for more episodes or not? Well, this is complete suspense now. Season 3 hasn’t been confirmed by the showmakers yet. However, if there will be a third season, it is expected to arrive in 2021.

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