Samsung will design and fabricate the chips for Google


Samsung will design and fabricate the chips for Google.

including an”unprecedented program chip” that could help Google strengthen its hardware business.

It is unclear once the custom chips will be ready.


but present Pixel 5 accounts suggest that Google might be ready to move away from Qualcomm shortly.

Buyers haven’t just flocked to buy the Pixel 4 phones.

that are now discontinued, less than a year after their official launch. The Pixel 3a series had a similar fate.

and the handset reached the conclusion of a life well before the Pixel 4a arrived.

The new budget telephone saw a three-month delay, and it is facing incredible competition in the iPhone SE and the OnePlus Nord.

The Nord is going to be the best Android choice to Pixel 5, although they might not go head to head in too many markets.

The Pixel 5 itself may come with 5G support, a 120Hz screen.

Google’s pure version of Android, along with an excellent camera.

But it’s a mid-range phone at best that is going to cost as much as the cheapest iPhone 12 mobiles.

replacement operating system that is designed

With all that in mind, it looks like Google has given up on Pixel hardware, that is not terrific news for Android itself.

I’ve often explained that Android, because it’s today, isn’t working for Google anymore.

that is why the company is operating on a replacement operating system that is designed to fix everything that’s wrong with Android.

Rejuvenating the Pixel hardware may be a part of that long-term strategy.

and that could explain the annoying Pixel year that lovers are having.

But no matter when Google will”kill” Android.

we have a Pixel rumour that’s more intriguing than any other Pixel rumour this past year.

And it’s not the one that says a foldable Pixel cellphone is coming next year. With all the actions this week.

foldable Pixel cellphone is coming next year

including the Pixel 4a launch and the new Samsung hardware, a rumour out of Korea was simple to miss.

ETNews stated that Samsung has got ordered from Cisco and Google due to their”next-generation semiconductor chips.”

Samsung Electronics also got an order from Google regarding the manufacturing of more than one chip.

It is heard that Google requested a semiconductor that will go into a detector which can measure body movements instead of for chips that enter current IT devices and an unparalleled application processor (AP).

Samsung is making more than one processor for Google, not only a custom chip that will likely equip the Pixel 6 telephones and maybe other 2021 Pixel versions.

Though the Cisco and Google orders are not confirmed, the report says they could make a significant effect on Samsung’s bottom line.

And that’s the type of rumour that indicates there’s hope for the Pixel line beyond 2020.

What is interesting is that Samsung is responsible for both the design and production of their new processors.

which could appear to be an unusual move. Foundries produce custom chips based on the design that technology companies publish.

and TSMC is the very best example of that.

The Taiwanese giant was producing A-series processors for iPhone and iPad for decades, ever since Samsung fumbled a contract for the iPhone.

Samsung has the knowledge to make customized processors of its own, although it has not attained Apple’s success.

Macs are coming next year

and the criticism of this Exynos-based Galaxy S20 phons speaks volumes.

Still, Samsung’s experience could help Google produce chips that might rival Apple’s A-series processors.

Apple’s silicon has evolved to the point that iPhones and iPads outscore Intel processors in benchmarks.

and Apple has already confirmed the first ARM-based Macs are coming next year.

A report from mid-April said that Google is making its chips, code-named Whitechapel, also mentioned Samsung as the co-creator of the silicon.

Let us also remember that ARM unveiled its next-generation of reference cellular chips that will be used in next year’s tablets.

Of these, the Arm Cortex-X1 design stands out and could be employed on all 2021 flagships.

We speculated at the time that Pixel 6 may make use of this particular premium chip, assuming that Google would like to create the mid sized Pixel 5 abandoned.

With that in mind, I will also point out the following report from earlier this week which went mostly unnoticed.

Samsung is considering acquiring a stake in Arm of 3% to 5 percent.

That will not provide Samsung control over Arm, but it may certainly assist with the development of future cellular chips and possibly reduce licensing fees.

This would not be good news only for Samsung’s Pixel chip-making deal with Google but also for future Galaxy handsets.

The ETNews doesn’t specifically mention the Pixel 6 smartphone or any other handset brands for that matter.

And while there is no guarantee that the Pixel 6 will be the first Google phone to feature a customized processor.

Google will have to find a way to make the Pixel phones more competitive, particularly after the Pixel 5.

About the project, which creates this Pixel rumour all the more exciting.

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