Monster Girl Doctor Episode 5: Release Date, Plot, Cast And Everything You Need To Know

It’s just been weeks that a brand new anime show has been released and is gaining very much popularity within a short interval of time. The show Monster Girl Doctor recently premiered its fourth episode in the row and fans were eagerly waiting for the next episode. And here are some updates regarding the same. Read the article to know more about it.


The fifth episode of Monster Girl Doctor has been released on Sunday, 09 August 2020. Viewers can watch the same in Crunchyroll or other streaming platforms.


In the previous episode, we saw Glen and Sapphee running towards Kunai, who explained that the bandits who attacked the clinic are the slavers who kidnap the harpies and sell the eggs as delicates. Kunai, Glenn, and Sapphee joined Skadi and Lulala in the waterways, where they are attacked by archers. Tisalia was nearby and managed to defend herself from archers who revealed themselves as fanatics who believe that inter species cooperation is not natural.

Meanwhile, at the hideout Kunai faces a duel with the leader of the slavers while Skadi locates the harpies. A Harpy was found to have a stress-impacted egg and needed Glen’s help. Skadi and Sapphee fought the bandits, but Sapphee regrets not telling Glen that he has an incurable disease and that his family specializes in murder.

When he was young, he was ordered to kill Glen if his family’s business failed. Sapphee ended up poisoned and passed out as well when she recovered. Glenn explained everything that had happened. Sapphee decided to tell Glenn all of his secrets. Only to find out that Glen already knows.

The new episode will be just as exciting and fans will definitely like the same.

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