Fortnite: FNCS Trios – Prize Pool, Start Date, Leaks, Format, World Cup & more

With FNCS Solos concluding this weekend, and with the next season on the horizon; there is still a lot of questions around competitive Fortnite.

Although we know next season will be trios, we do not know much yet!

So, what do we know about the next wave of FNCS?

Let’s take a closer look!

Game Mode

Announced during the send of the FNCS Invitational back in May, we know Chapter 2 Season 4’s FNCS will be Trios.

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This is coming off two FNCS which featured solos as the core game mode, so a lot of players are overjoyed at the fact its trios.

fortnite trios
THREE’S A PAIR – Trios was regarded as the best game mode.

Start Date

FNCS typically lasts for around a month, during this month of action players across the world compete in multiple weeks of action.

After the qualifying stages are held during the four-five weekends, the grand finals are held over a concluding weekend.

remedy 1
TRIO’S – Will we will the formation of similar trios as we have before?

With Chapter 2 Season 4 releasing on August 27, we can expect Trio FNCS to begin around September 10!

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So, in the coming weeks, we can suspect an announcement sometime around the first week of September with an eventual start date the following weekend.

Prize Pool

We do not have any idea of what the prize pool is going to be for a trios FNCS; during the duo portion, we saw some nice prize pool among the top regions.

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We can suspect that the European and North-America East regions are going to have the highest prize pools as they have the most players.


Since the conclusion of duo FNCS, we have already seen some teams form trios in anticipation of the next tournament.

mrsavage wins dreamhack anaheim 1024x576 1
SAVAGE – Will we see Savage come out on top in Europe?

Check out some of the trios that have already been playing in the Daily Cups and have been confirmed for FNCS!

  • Bugha, Avery and Chap
  • Bizzle, Dubs and Megga
  • Vivid, Cizlucky and LazarP
  • Kreo, Khanada, and Bucke
  • Riversan, Zyfa, and Nosh
  • Calc, Clix and Mackwood
  • AV, Shark and Knight
  • Benjy, Mr Savage and LetShe
  • Mongraal, Mitr0 and Freemok
  • Th0mas, Fliik, Anas

Fortnite World Cup 2020 cancelled

fwc cancellation 2020 fortnite world cup cancelled
PULL THE PLUG – Epic Games outright cancels Fortnite World Cup 2020

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