Ketto closes up shop will continue to operate online

Despite a successful year, Ketto decided to close its shop on Cartier Street in Quebec City to focus on online commerce and distribution.

After 15 years of existence, the store will close its doors on February 18th.

Co-owner Catherine Farfard explains this decision by reducing shop sales, which in 2017 accounted for less than 5% of Ketto’s sales.

“We found that the energy that had to go to the store for performance in the end was no longer worth it,” she says.

In its other business segments, online sales and distribution, the past year has been a very profitable year for the company.

“Online sales are growing steadily, but they are also distributed across Canada. We have more than a thousand points of sale […] This is really where we are going, “says Catherine Farfard.

Ketto also installs kiosks in shopping centers during the holidays and the company has been working for several months on the export of its creations.

It takes a lot of energy and that’s really where we want to put our resources.

Catherine Farfard, co-owner of Ketto

Ketto plans to set up ephemeral shops in some high-traffic areas, notably in Old Quebec during the summer.

Hard time

In December, children’s clothing company Souris Mini also announced the closure of several stores across the province to restructure and focus on online sales.

“I think the storefront has been ripping off for a while. And for this to work, you have to put so much energy to attract the customer to the door, “said the co-owner.

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