Air Canada flight attendant group files complaint to the Human Rights Commission

The union representing Air Canada flight attendants filed a complaint against the company with the Canadian Human Rights Commission alleging systemic discrimination and harassment of these employees.

He asked the commission “to order a review of all Air Canada policies, procedures and practices related to harassment”.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) states that “Air Canada, through its policies, procedures and practices, promotes harassment and discrimination at work”, in flight and on the ground.

According to the complaint, Air Canada’s uniform and make-up policies “are clearly discriminatory” to flight attendants.

The union is also outraged by the way in which the newly created Chiefs of Service on Board (CSB) is assessing flight attendants who act as flight attendants.

He says the behavior of many CSBs intimidates flight attendants and makes the workplace toxic.

CSBs allegedly made sexist, racist and homophobic remarks to or about cabin crew and flight attendants. They would also be responsible for the demotion of several cabinmasters.

The union points out that it decided to file a complaint “after several complaints of inappropriate behavior [were] inadequately handled by the company”.

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