Mercedes-AMG C 63 Business Car – Outrageous Performance

When it comes to automobiles, Mercedes looks like it is ready to step up its game with the latest Mercedes-AMG. At last week’s auto show in New York the car company decided to unveil the C 63 models.

What do we know about them

SO far we do not have a lot of information but what we know for sure is that these cars are going to be hybrids. Up to this moment, high-performance options for cars running on electrified propulsion systems were reserved for high-end models. However, it looks like these options are slowly but surely going to become available for people that are looking for more affordable cars.

This is not to say that the Mercedes-AMG C 63 fall in the same category as a Focus ST when it comes to their performance, both of them being hybrids. However, it is not as expensive as other models.

Mercedes is threading a very fine line with its models between making sure that the cars have enough power and that they perform well while also making sure that they are on the right track when it comes to their emission targets. The C 63 comes equipped with 516 lb.-ft. of torque and 503 horsepower. Sources say that there is also a 700 horsepower variant in the works.

This would mean that hybrid cars are slowly going for the perfect balance between performance and being environmentally friendly.

In order to see how different this model is from previous ones we would like to remind you that the 43 series AMGs only have 429 horsepower and a 385 lb. –ft. of torque. We are more than ready to see what Mercedes will come up with in the future. However, with this release in the works, it will be some time before we hear something new.

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