Payment Processor ReddPay.Me Allows you to Transfer Cryptocurrency Instantly

The ReddCoin team is known for RDD, a coin that managed to grow at the end of 2017. However, the prices for ReddCoin are slowly going down, which should not surprise us since the entire crypto market is going through some hard times.

However, users have a new reason to focus on ReddCoin because the team behind it just launched ReddPay.Me. This system might boost ReddCoin, as it makes it incredibly easy for users to transfer cryptocurrency.

A fast and safe payment processor

ReddPay.Me does not require any registration and you will be able to transfer crypto very quickly. Start by accessing the ReddPay.Me website and then click the Send Money option. There you will be able to decide the amount of currency that you want to transfer. Select the sum that you want to send.

After that, choose the person you want to transfer the crypto to, but going to the “To Whom” part. Fill in all the required information, including the name and the email address. Make sure that these details are correct, and then finish the transaction.

The recipient will receive an email that will contain a notification and a public. That person can the import the key to the Reddcoin Core Wallet, and the money will come right after.

Other tools

While ReddPay.Me is one of the simplest ways of transferring ReddCoin. You should know that there are other ways to do that as well. One of the advantages of Reddcoin is the fact that it allows you to use many social networks.

For example, you can transfer ReddCoin with Telegram. There is the @ReddCoin_bot that allows you to transfer funds easily. You can also do that on Reddit, and it is easy to transfer money between two Reddit accounts.

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