Verge (XVG) is About to Announce its Partner

If you watched Verge carefully, you probably already know that the coin has an impressive rise. On Tuesday the price for Verge (XVG) went up by 66%, which is definitely a significant growth. If we take a look at the rumours that are currently flying around, it is not hard to realise that Verge is planning some big moves.

The first intriguing thing that happened was a short video that was posted by Sunerok, one of the Verge developers on Youtube. There, Sunerok joked around, saying that he will leave with all the invested money.  “I packed my bags and am moving to my own little island with the funds you all donated.” However, that joke was followed by important information, and the developer mentioned a Verge partner.

The name will be released on April 17

Sunerok also added that we will all going to find out who the developer is in more than a week. “We are going to announce the name of the partner on April 16 along with a global marketing campaign of the likes you have never seen before. It’s going to change crypto in a really good way,” he said. The date has been to April 17, but we still don’t have any clues related to the partner.

The mystery surrounding the partner is definitely one of the reasons for the rise of Verge. However, the developers have to learn how to use this hype and deliver what the investors want.  “Announcements are great for buzz. The Verge coin will only be worth something in the long run if their cryptographic system holds up. Any announcement today must be measured by the delivery of privacy promises over the years to come. Track record is important. XVG is just one of many coins promising to deliver on these issues,” says Nolan Bauerle, head of research at CoinDesk.

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