Skype for Business to Include a Voice Call Recording Option

Whether you like to use it or not, you have to admit that Skype is by far one of the best video sharing and voice call options out there. iOS and Microsoft have been coming up with their own options for that but it is always way easier to link up on Skype. It looks like the company has decided to make some improvements in order to make the users’ experience better than it was before.

Recording calls – newest update

This Friday the company decided to make an announcement about their program. They officially said that they are working on providing clean feeds to a new third party software named NewTek NDI. Most people are unfamiliar with this program but it resembles Xsplit, Vmix and even Wirecast. These three pieces of software have also been said to be able to support the feed.

So, in a nutshell, Skype will soon let your record your video calls.

The problems with this

Skype has not managed to shy away from technical difficulties over the years; in fact it has become popular for some of them, such as its video and voice call quality. This is why people have started to wonder how clear the video call would be and what quality it would be recorded at. Moreover, the same question goes for the quality of a voice call. It has been known that Skype does not have a clear system enforced that links video or audio quality with the strength of your internet connection. It all seems to vary and we hope that in the near future they will address that.

Overall, it looks like Skype is finally working on putting out improvements that could be used by people worldwide. For starters, this tool could be a great aid to podcasters and, with a little bit of creativity, there be other uses for it as well.

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