A New Update was Released for Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) has released a new update for its 2018 roadmap. This means that they have some great projects on their way for this coin. Let’s see what is on its way for Cardano.

Paper wallets

There will be a new update for the Paper Wallet. Cardao wants to introduce Paper Wallets which is a great new addition that will allow users to store their ADA coins in a protected offline storage. This means that users will also be able to send, receive or keep their coins.

This update means that users will receive certificates that can be printed and that will help them keep money in their offline wallets. It appears that when it comes to Paper Wallets, the progress is at 33%.


As Linux OS was forgotten when Daedalus was released, and the attention went to Mac and Windows, it appears that the Cardano Team wants to fix that.  A Beta version was already announced and it is supposed to be released on Linux.

However, the Linux version is not complete yet. For example, the Daedalus software has a feature that brings updates automatically, but this version is only available for Mac and Windows.


Decentralization is something that becomes more and more important for the crypto world. That is why Cardano is working hard in order to go through the decentralized phase, and move from the centralized phase. The initial phase is named the Byron Phase and the next one is supposed to be called Shelly Phase.

The decentralized features will start to be testes around Q3 and Cardano will test them through participation on testnet. This means that a new decentralized Cardano Netowork should be completed and ready to emerge by the end of this year.

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