European Commission Encourages EU Countries To Commit To Blockchain Technology

In the framework of Digital Day 2018, an event about the digital environment and the countries of the European Union, the Vice-president of the Digital Single Market project of the European Commission, Andrus Ansip, gave a speech in which he invited the EU countries to commit to the development of blockchain technology, as it has now become very popular and of daily use.

The opening speech, issued in Brussels, was disseminated through the official website of the European Commission on Tuesday.

Ansip began by pointing out the achievements of the Commission regarding digital environments and new technologies, as well as the possible future of the European Union in these areas and the approach in other important areas of the EU’s Digital Single Market.

“This year I will again ask the [EU] countries to commit themselves to the digital future and based on data from all over Europe, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital healthcare, and blockchain technologies,” said Andrus Ansip, the VP for the Digital Single Market of the European Commission.

The European Commission sees the advantages offered by the blockchain technology

Furthermore, blockchain technology is being used in almost every sector or area, from financial, health or data storage, to education or entertainment. Europe, in general, has demonstrated its intentions to adopt more and more the use of such technology, which is increasingly used and popular.

“I would like to see EU countries commit themselves in a similar way to blockchain technologies, which are now being withdrawn from the laboratory and are becoming mainstream. As with IA: we must take advantage of this new opportunity to innovate,” added Andrus Ansip.

Also, in the speech, special emphasis was placed on the health sector, because technology, including blockchain, can bring innovation, increase efficiency, and even promote a healthy life.

Essentially, Ansip believes that the digital economy, characterized by cryptocurrencies market and blockchain technologies, together with new legal frameworks will gain force so that a solid Digital Single Market is being built. The representative of the European Commission also said that Europe is a continent well positioned to fulfill a leadership role, especially in the areas of AI and blockchain technology.

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