Max Keiser talks Bitcoin in the Latest Interview

Max Keiser is a veteran when it comes to Wall Street. He has plenty of experience and recently he shared with us some of his predictions for Bitcoin. When it comes to this coin, Keiser’s show, The Keiser Report was one of the first ones that covered it, almost 7 years ago.

One of the first ones to buy Bitcoin

Max Keiser recommended Bitcoin back in 2011, when it was priced at $3. Later that year, Bitcoin’s price went under $1, so a lot of persons had a chance to buy it. When Max Keiser was asked if he believes that Bitcoin will be “the single currency for the internet”, he agreed.

Bitcoin manipulation

Keiser also discussed about the possibility that Bitcoin could be manipulated. He believes that there is no proof of manipulation when it comes to comes to Bitcoin futures contract. He believes that the low price of Bitcoin and the launch of Bitcoin Futures is just a timing coincidence.

He also believes that we might see some important investors on the crypto market in the future: “On the flip side, I think the futures contract will be a factor with the next leg of the rally to new all-time highs. Investors like George Soros and the Rockefellers will use these instruments to hedge positions and so can build much bigger positions.”

The future for banks

Keiser was also asked whether he believes that banks are quietly buying Bitcoin in order to use it as a hedge in the future. According to Max, this is definitely true and he knows him. However, Keiser says that banks are not buying enough Bitcoins in order to save them. “If you know someone who works for a Central Bank, kiss them goodbye. It’s over,” he added.

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