Zuckerberg Invited to Start a Social Media Company in China after his Testimony in the U.S Congress

Everybody knows that, lately, Facebook has been involved in a huge data sharing scandal. This unfortunate event caused the social media giant a lot of trouble, since the company had lost a lot of its’ stock market value and their users’ confidence. As a result, the Chairman and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has been invited to testify on this matter in front of the U.S Congress.

The decision to appear in front of the Congress was welcomed by Facebook users. They considered that Zuckerberg wants to be transparent and make up for the damage, so now Facebook is a company with increasing market value. Furthermore, the Chinese have been impressed by Zuckerberg’s speech, considering it honest and transparent.

Now, they almost consider him a hero and are inviting him to start a social media network in China. This move is surprising, since in 2010 the country banned Facebook.

What could be the grounds for a social network like Facebook in China

It seems that people have many reasons to think that Zuckerberg will move to China and start a social network there. Over the years, he has learned Mandarin and has declared his affinity for Xi Jinping’s book, so he could be prepared for a total change in his personal and professional life.

The absence of Facebook has helped China develop its own social technology. The best example is Tencent, the Chinese equivalent of Facebook, a network that in 2017 had a market value more important than Facebook, of over $500 billion. Considering this, we can imagine why Zuckerberg wouldn’t want to break up Facebook – he knows that this would mean an important boom for China’s companies and a big loss for American ones.

Until we will know for sure what will happen with Facebook and whether the company’s CEO will move it in China, we can still enjoy the benefits of online communication. Facebook remains one of the most appreciated social networks.

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