Hillary Clinton Considers That People With “Bedrock Values” Is Exactly What America Needs

Talking in Michigan about a past discussion with Mike Pompeo, the Trump’s nominee as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, the former First-Lady and the ex-candidate in the presidential election of 2016, expressed that America needs people with “bedrock values”, praising Betty Ford in this regard.

Despite the fact that Mr. Pompeo called Hillary Clinton “morally reprehensible” regarding the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012, Hillary Clinton said she was happy to discuss with him and the two made up to fight together for the national interests.

I think we’ve got to get back to talking to each other and more importantly listening to each other. We can’t allow the partisanship and politicization of everything to interfere with our national interests.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton thinks America needs people with “bedrock values”

Being invited to a special event held in the memory of the first lady Betty Ford, the wife of Gerald Ford, the US president between 1974 and 1977, Hillary Clinton, a first lady herself, talked about mutual respect and selfless policies in the US politics.

The event was held at Frederick Meijer Gardens Wednesday, yesterday, on April 11th and was honored by the presence of two of Ford’s children and Lynda Bird Johnson Robb, the daughter of the former US president Lyndon Johnson.

Hillary named Ford “one of the most transformational Americans” and admitted she had him as a role model. Besides, referring to Betty Ford, Hillary said:

It is such a great personal pleasure for me to be here with all of you in honor of Betty. Our country goes through ups and downs, in case you haven’t noticed.  It’s really important that we have people with bedrock values who understand what’s important, what’s lasting, and even what’s eternal. Luckily we’ve had history pluck them out and put them into place. And we had that with both Jerry and Betty Ford.

Hillary Clinton

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