IOTA Foundation Works On Developing Trinity Desktop Wallet And New Public Beta Release Of Trinity Mobile Wallet

One week ago, IOTA (MIOTA) announced a security audit for their Trinity mobile wallet. Now, IOTA announced that they are thoroughly working on developing the alpha version of the IOTA desktop wallet, the Trinity Desktop Wallet.

The initial deadline for this wallet was set to be in the first half of April and IOTA team hopes it will be able to respect that release date but, since we’re already closing to that deadline, it could be possible to get the IOTA alpha version wallet in a couple of days, tops. Of course, there is the possibility to see it released in the second half of the month.

Also, IOTA team has announced that they’ve already chosen the 100 IOTA community members who will test the wallet in the next days.

As for the IOTA community’s feedback, there seem to be only positive replies to the announcement regarding the future IOTA desktop wallet, called the Trinity Desktop Wallet.

The IOTA Trinity Mobile Wallet will be launched soon

In late-March, the IOTA (MIOTA) developers admitted that, despite the latency in the development process, the Trinity mobile wallet will undergo an audit, which has already started, by the way, and is expected to end by mid-May.

Interestingly, the IOTA community seems very involved in this project, at least in comparison with other cryptocurrencies’ communities, thus, people have even helped the developers in their work on the wallet.

Trinity Mobile Wallet features

The future version of the IOTA Trinity mobile wallet will bring new features, including:

  • Statefulness – a feature that’s recording all the transactions you make;
  • Standard/Expert Modes – these features will present the wallet with less or more details; thus, more IOTA-savvy users can go with the Expert Mode, while the newbies have to choose the first one;
  • Fiat Currency Conversion – now, users can change tokens into fiat currency within the wallet and even on a send transaction;

Other cool features include multi-language support, QR scanning, paper-wallet, and many more.

In conclusion, IOTA started the year on a very positive trend, consolidating its position among its community’s members and investing in the future, as well. Now, IOTA desktop wallet, the Trinity Desktop Wallet, is under development, as well as the new public beta version of IOTA Trinity Mobile Wallet, both being projects meant to bring IOTA (MIOTA) to the top.

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