Nutrien (NTR) Dividends, Risk and Profitability

When it comes to the “Agricultural chemicals” industry Nutrien (NYSE: NTR) is one of the top companies. However, you might be wondering how the company compares to its rivals. This article will analyse the strengths of all of them you can get a better idea.


If we take a look at dividends we can see that Nutrien has a dividend yield of 3.4% and it pays an annual dividend of $1.60 per share. There is a chance the company won’t have enough money for future dividends, as it pays out 126.0% of its earnings in the form of a dividend.

Meanwhile, when it comes to “Agricultural chemicals” as a group, the companies pay out 63.3% of their earnings in the form of a dividend and they pay a dividend yield of 2.2%.

Gross revenue, net income and price/ earnings ratio

When it comes to the valuation and the earnings of Nutrien and its rivals the data is accessible. The gross revenue for Nutrien is $4.55 billion, while the gross revenue for Nutrien Competitors is $3.12 billion. Taking a look at the net income we can see that Nutrien Competitors have $272.01 million, while the net income for Nutrien is $327.00 million. Finally, the price/ earnings ratio for Nutrien is 36.76, while for Nutrien peers, this ratio is 0.20.


It appears that the share price of Nutrien is less volatile than the S&p 500. The beta of Nutrien is 0.49, while the beta of the competitors is 0.53. This means that their average share price is 48% less volatile than the S&P 500.


When it comes to the net margins, for Nutrien we have 7.19%, while Nutrien competitors have -1,647,77%. The return on equity for Nutrien is 1.33%, and for its rivals -12.02%.

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