Ripple And Apple Partnership Might Significantly Boost Ripple (XRP) Price

As every crypto fan know already, Ripple (XRP) was massively in the news in the last couple of months, especially thanks to the numerous partnerships the Ripple company signed. Now, is the time to talk about another great deal for the Ripple (XRP) – Ripple and Apple partnership might significantly boost XRP price.

Some Ripple (XRP) holders accuse Ripple leaders that they don’t care much about XRP when signing new partnerships blaming them for the stagnation of the crypto coin.

Now, you should understand one fact, namely, that the majority of the banks, financial institutions, and companies that partnered up with Ripple, did it strictly for the Ripple’s payments platforms and not exactly to adopt those platforms that use XRP.

However, even though Ripple’s partners are decided to use only the Ripple’s platforms for instantaneous and secure cross-border transactions, the more companies and banks sign up for Ripple, the more secure is the Ripple (XRP). It’s a cause and effect thing. Not to mention that, eventually, some of these companies and institution might also adopt XRP for various reasons.

Ripple And Apple Partnership Might Boos Ripple (XRP) Price

First, let’s see how XRP is doing right now. At the moment of this writing, XRP is trading at about $0.65, recording a slight decrease of 1.57% in the last 24 hours.

However, XRP has registered a good last week and it gained a lot managing to soar from $0.49 on April 9th.

Now, it is a well-known fact that Apple is eager to implement new technologies so the Cupertino-based company might go straight for the Ripple (XRP). All this, despite the latest news that talked about the Apple’s interest in implementing Ripple’s inter-ledger payment platform.

Needless to say that Apple, as it is not a bank, could benefit by implementing XRP payments for its products and services which would definitely increase Ripple (XRP) adoption, so, the predicted XRP value of $10 for 2018 could easily transform into a $50 for 1 XRP.

In the meantime, I need to say that Apple is a huge company and, in my opinion, this is among the best deals Ripple has ever done and, even if they will not adopt XRP payments, this Ripple and Apple partnership will clearly reflect positively on the Ripple (XRP).

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