Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain To Be Used By NASA For Space Exploration

A science project developed and funded by NASA has in planning to use Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain technology for deep space exploration. Dr. Jin Wei Kocsis is the leader of this surprising project and got a $330,000 grant from NASA to create the Resilient Networking and Computing Paradigm (RNCP) which uses smart contracts blockchain technology for fast transactions.

However, the project is designed for space exploration and NASA requested RNCP to develop a “smart-spacecraft” capable of detecting and avoiding small space object, such as debris, by its own, without any human intervention.

Wei Kocsis admitted that the NASA idea is to develop a system based on blockchain technology to support the spacecraft’s instantaneous debris detection and the reduction of the ship’s dependency on engineers.

In this project, the Ethereum blockchain technology will be exploited to develop a decentralized, secure, and cognitive networking and computing infrastructure for deep space exploration. The blockchain consensus protocols will be further explored to improve the resilience of the infrastructure.

Wei Kocsis

This would be the first time when the blockchain technology will be used for space exploration

Noone at NASA (or any other space agency) has ever thought to implement blockchain, more specifically the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain technology, to create faster, smarter, and securer networks for communications and navigations for space exploration.

From the NASA’s Gleen Research Center, the Advanced Communications Program’s Manager, Thomas Kacpura, said that:

It is expected that the potential is high to contribute to the next generation space networks, and also allow tech transition of these algorithms for commercial systems.

Thomas Kacpura

The project has already received positive feedback from both space exploration enthusiasts and blockchain communities members, which stated on social media that NASA proved that the blockchain technology can have tremendous applications.

In short, NASA created and funded RNCP, a project designed to implement the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain technology for changing the future of space exploration.

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