Cardano [ADA] Update – New UI and Gorgeous Progress

With the number of articles going around looking more closely at the evolution process of different coins on the market during this past week, it looks like Cardano has also shown a number of changes and we are going to look more closely at them.

Cardano’s progress

First of all, the Cardano team has manage to fix a lot of things that needed improvement in these past couple of days, such as the fact that they now have a stronger migration plan that is going to be used for their wallet backend. This should come as no surprise since what they wanted to focus on was trying to upgrade the speed that they had when it came to the verification of blockchains and their application.

The team also took some time to fix the documentation and the semantics parts, which did have a number of small issues. Most people would think of spelling mistakes when it comes to semantics but, in reality, the company worked on clearing up vague terms such as ‘spending Password’, among others. If we are talking about the updates that were done to the documentation, we would like to talk about the fact that the Cardano team worked very hard on updating the history of the transaction and the filters that were used.

Most importantly, they worked on improving and restoring the asynchronous wallets, which will have a number of changes when it comes to their user interface, such as looking at the wallet on your sidebar.

These changes follow a rapid rise for Cardano this week, coming up to a gain of 36 percent, that some analysts attribute to the fact that Cardano [ADA] is now available on CoinSwitch, making it easier to have access to and be used on a regular basis by others.

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