A New 18:9 LG Q7 Phone is Expected To Be As Powerful As Possible

The United States Federal Communications Commission certified an LG smartphone earlier this week. The device has the model number LM-Q710TS, which led us to believe that this is the upcoming Q7 smartphone. This new information also came with some additional details which helped us get a better idea about the handset.

The display ratio

One of the first things that we learnt about the display panel is the fact that it will be an elongated one. The panel will have an aspect ratio of 18:9. This detail was revealed by the screenshot that was released. But we were able to discover other things as well.

System navigation buttons

One important thing about the screenshot is that we can see system navigation buttons that are placed on-screen. This means that there won’t be physical buttons for these, so we will won’t see a Home key on the upcoming phone, and there should not be any capacitive buttons either. This also means that the smartphone should be a slim one.

The Federal Communications Commission review

The fact that this device was submitted for review is quite important. It is very likely that there will be a stateside launch for this device. In some cases, the federal certification does not mean that the handset is going to be released in the United States and it might mean that the manufacturers are only trying to test them in the country.

Upcoming LG smartphone

The next LG Android flagship is supposed to be released on May 2, and this date was already confirmed by the company. LG is also supposed to be working on the LG V40 device. This handset should receive the code name “Storm” and we should see it at the end of the summer.

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