Pokémon Z Release Date Takes Longer Than Anticipated

The universe of Pokémon and its immersive role-playing features has taken the world by storm for a decade already. This is why back in 2013 Game Freak decided to work on Pokémon X and Pokémon Y as installments in the popular game series. These games were to be distributed by Nintendo and they were under the publishing right of The Pokémon Company.

The success of Pokémon X and Y

It seems like these two games took Japan by storm, selling over a million copies before the game was even released.  After the game got released, the sales total came up to more than 2 million copies in Japan alone and over 4 million copies on a worldwide scale.

With this amount of success, it is safe to say that people have high standards for Pokémon Z.

With little to no announcement being made on this particular game series fans worldwide fear that this game will be skipped completely by the game developers. However, there are a number of reasons why we may not have heard the big news yet.

The reasons

The biggest fear of Nintendo could be the fact that this game will not bring in a lot of sales. As they have seen with past first generation games, these usually sell the most while sequels or second generation games that follow up on the story do not do so well.

Another problem that we have to address is the fact that Nintendo may be simply afraid to start working on this game and release it as not that much time after the terrorist attack in France passed. Why is this relevant? Well, the game is set in one of France’s geographical locations and some may see attacks and fights going on in a virtual environment as a reflection of reality which may hurt them.

By Henry R. Lares

Henry Lares is still early into his career as tech reporter but has already had his work published in many major publications including Tech Crunch and the Huffington Post.  In regards to academics, Henry earned an engineering degree from Apex Technical School. Henry has a passion for emerging technology and covers upcoming products and breakthroughs in science and tech.

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