Ethereum (ETH) Gained Momentum And Broke Above $700 In The Context Of A Bullish Cryptocurrencies Market

The cryptocurrencies market is once again bullish as all the important crypto assets have gained a lot in the last days. The new trading day began positively for almost every cryptocurrency, all exceeding their resistance levels. Among the daily winners, there is Ethereum (ETH), which gained about 8% in the last 24 hours, passing the $700 level for the first time since the beginning of March.

Ethereum (ETH) was quiet lately and didn’t make in the news very often during the last month. Also, its gains were just normal, so, nothing spectacular being recorded about ETH in the last weeks, until now.

The bullish trending of the top cryptocurrencies in the market brought massive increases in the market’s capitalization in the last days. Accordingly, the cryptocurrencies market capitalization reached $426,5 billion in comparison with the $323 billion market cap registered just a couple of weeks ago.

Ethereum (ETH) broke above $700 in the context of a bullish cryptocurrencies market

The new trading day, April 24th, started normally for ETH as it was trading at about $636. Soon, it gained approximately 9% and passed over the $700 level at evening, gaining, accordingly, about $64 in just one day.

As we speak, Ethereum (ETH) is trading slightly above $700 sustaining the level for about 4 hours.

The 2nd coin in the cryptocurrencies market, ETH registers a market cap of about $70 billion, while it scored a trading volume of about $3,2 billion in the last 24 hours.

The coin is set to keep momentum and to go even more bullish than this. It is expected to close around $700 and, in the following days, Ethereum (ETH) is predicted to continue its growth towards its values against the USD it has registered before the cryptocurrencies market massive correction of a couple of months ago.

In conclusion, the cryptocurrencies market is bullish, with all the big cryptos showing significant gains. Among the winner of today, April 24th, there is Ethereum (ETH) which managed to break above $700, meaning that the coin will continue its uptrend if it gets support to sustain above $700.

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