Samsung Galaxy S10 Comes with a Biometric Feature and New Improvements

The hype around Samsung’s S10 is getting bigger and bigger as days go by. Yes, it is true that there is still a long time to go before the South Korean company is going to unveil this phone but, as it always happens with the release of a new phone, some information is bound to slip by, indicating to the users that the phone will have some state of the art feature or a different design.

When it comes to the Galaxy S10, fans are even readier to hear something about the leak since this phone marks a decade of Galaxy phones, one after the other having better and better features.

The biometric feature leak

Bell, a Korean Publisher, suggested that since the phone is bound to mark 10 years of greatness for the company with this range of phones then they just might use the 3D camera tech and apply it to a fingerprint sensor that will be incorporated into the display. This piece of tech has been in the works for some time, as some of you may know, and Qualcomm has already decided to present and it was also applied to a concept phone that came from Vivo.

If we take into consideration the fact that most companies are working on reducing the side of their phone’s bezels, Samsung being part of that group, this will allow the South Korean company to have the space needed to insert this biometric 3D fingerprint sensor.

Now if things go according to plan we may see the Samsung Galaxy S10 being launched right along with the Samsung Galaxy X, a smartphone that is supposed to be foldable. And if Galaxy X does well on the market then we may expect a future Galaxy S or Galaxy Note phone to become foldable as well.

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