Candy Crush Saga Latest Version Download Available on Windows 10

It looks like Windows 10 users are plagued with the never ending curse of the Candy Crush Saga being an ever-present feature on their computers. How can that happen? Well, in some cases users even complained that Windows 10 installed Candy Crush without their consent on their computers which is not that much odd as it is completely annoying.

Doomed by the April Patch

It looks like the Patch that was released this Tuesday pre-installed the game on Windows 10 users’ computers. They complained that people that never decided to install the game or that never had it pre-installed on their computers suddenly saw that the Candy Crush Saga was installed onto their computers right after they decided to install the issued monthly patch.

People are so over suddenly coming across with this game installed on their computers when they did not want it in the first place that there is now even a Reddit thread that deals specifically with how one can uninstall Candy Crush for their computers.

Since we identified the issue, it is now time that we try and take a look at which exact patch is responsible for this process. Now, users on Reddit managed to pin point the exact patches that raised the crushing game from the dead, the KB4093112 and the KB4093119. These two are the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and the Anniversary Update.

Now we finally have our culprits. But can one really completely get rid of Candy Crush from their computers? The answer is no. There are a number of workaround that one can find on the web but they are not guaranteed to work for everyone so, if you are in this situation yourself, your only hope is to uninstall the game and pray that the May update will not bring it back.

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