iPhone X2 to ditch 3D Touch and Comes with Major Update

We do not know a lot of information concerning the release of iPhone X2 but the rumors that are starting to go around paint a pretty picture of the era of tech that Apple is going to incorporate into their phones. As it goes with any rumors that start to spread around, their credibility tends to be questioned depending on the sourced. However, until we hear Apple say something official we can only sit and wait to find out what is about to come.

The major update

Cost constraints are the number one reason that the rumor offers for Apple’s possible decision to scrap the 3D Touch technology on their new, top of the line, 6.1in phone. This information came from Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst.

What would this be replaced with?

Well, 3D Touch is supposedly going to be replaced with a Cover Glass Sensor (CGS) technology. By using this, the touch control module is going to be incorporated into the actual glass whereas before it was behind the glass. Why is this better? Well, for starters it would make the phone lighter and the display would be better equipped to resist against shocks.

Apple is rumored to do more than what we have just told you. They want to add a touch film sensor to the glass. We do not know yet what this sensor will do but what we do know is that this would make the construction of the panel slightly more expensive, going from 26 dollars per panel whereas before it was 23 dollars per panel.

In order to offset this cost, the 3D Touch is going to be removed. It looks like all further iPhones will not have 3D Touch since Apple is going into a whole new direction when it comes to the functionality of their phones.

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