EOS (EOS) Registers Increasing Gains – EOS Is Going To The Moon

The outstanding development of EOS (EOS), the 5th most important cryptocurrency on the market now, will intensify over the weekend as it outshines the two-digit gains of 24.39% in relation to the USD. On the past week, there is only the TRON (TRX) that was able to move nearer EOS with an increase of about 64%.

EOS/USD exceeded its historical maximum

The EOS/USD rose above its historical maximum of $18.50. The EOS market cap gained 300% during April, increasing from $4 billion on April 1st to about $12 billion on April 27th.

It has been a decisive month for the crypto token, which has the goal of decentralizing the cryptocurrency exchanges and facilitating a more user-friendly cryptocurrency trading.

Correspondingly, new events will be following, which might push up rates in the exact same manner as it’s happening as we speak.

EOS (EOS) price

At the moment of this article, EOS cryptocurrency is trading at $20.30 as it gained 7.20% in the last 24 hours.

A long-term prediction says that EOS coin will reach about $44 by the end of 2018. An even longer forecast predicts that EOS will be trading at $107 by the end of 2023. However, the cryptocurrencies market is a highly volatile one, so these values are just based on the current development of the coin.

Good news surrounds EOS

The good news surrounding EOS (EOS) kicked off on April 6th when EOS.io reported a partnership with Michael Cao and Winnie Liu for regarding a $200 million mutual equity. EOS Global will be focusing on strengthening EOS’s position in Asia through the EOS.io portal.

An additional $100 million collaborative project with FinLab AG followed in the same direction. If you combine robust and trust-building crypto forecasts, overtaking cemented holdings like Bitcoin Cash can’t be a long process.

In conclusion, EOS (ESO) is one of the cryptos which has taken the cryptocurrencies market by storm, recording massive gains in the last period, especially during April when the token pushed up to the 5th place on the market, by market cap.

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