iOS 11.3.1 Cydia Jailbreak Available on iPhone X

If you have been a fan of jailbreak, you are definitely aware about the dramatic ups and downs of the jailbreak community. Just when everyone believed that there was no hope left for jailbreaking, developers managed to crack the latest iOS versions.

This time, it appears that they made another revolutionary step. It was reported that a team of security professionals managed to jailbreak 11.3.1 and Cydia was successfully launched on that device. The group that managed to do that is from Tencent Keen Security Labs. They are security researchers and they are working to discover vulnerabilities for years.

Among the researchers there are Liang Cheng and Marco Grassi. After the team managed to achieve jailbreak, a screenshot of an iPhone X running Cydia was posted as proof. The news was shared with the world at the Infiltrate Security Conference, which took place at Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

During the conference, the members of the Tencent Keen Security Lab talked about various security issues, including the success of iOS 11.3.1 success. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that the jailbreak announcement was the most popular one.

The jailbreak won’t become available for the public

Despite the fact that the jailbreak was a success, this does not mean that the team will make it public. The security research team will probably cooperate with Apple and help them fix their vulnerabilities. Regular users won’t probably benefit from this discovery.

Nonetheless, the fact that the team managed to crack the latest operating system version could be a good thing, and it be a sign that jailbreak is possible for other developers as well. We will see if other hackers will manage to exploit the same vulnerabilities and offer us an iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak.

Nicole Hicks

Nicole Hicks a graduate of UFT. She’s based in Toronto but travels much of the year. Nicole has written for NPR, Motherboard, MSN Money, and the Huffington Post. Nicole is a financial reporter, focusing on technology, national security, and policing.

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